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2024 TaxAct Supported Forms

Complete forms using the step-by-step Q&A interview, entering data directly onto forms or a combination of both.

1041 State forms, schedules & worksheets

TaxAct has the forms, schedules and worksheets you need to print and prepare an unlimited number of returns.

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Alabama Forms & Schedules
Form 41 Fiduciary Income Tax Return
Form 4952A Investment Interest Expense
Form AL8453 FDT Income Tax Declaration for Electronic Filing
Form FDTV Fiduciary Income Tax Payment Voucher
Form KRCC Project Distributing Entity Share of Capital Credit
Form NOLF 85 Computation of Net Operating Loss
Form NOLF 85A Application of Net Operating Loss
Schedule D Profit or Loss from Sales of Assets
Schedule E Supplemental Income and Loss
Schedule ESBT Worksheet for Electing Small Business
Schedule FC Fiduciary Credits
Schedule G Grantor Statement of Income Deductions Credits
Schedule K1 Beneficiary Information
Schedule KRCCB Recipients Share of Capital Credit for Business Entities Including Trusts