Powerful reports & tools

Use TaxAct's calculators and reports to easily and quickly provide clients with customized tax planning information.

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Helpful tax reports & tools for you & your clients

TaxTutor Guidance

Help to shed light on deductions, complex tax laws changes, strategies and tips in 1040, 1065, 1120S and 1120.

Joint vs. separate comparison report

Quickly determine the difference in married clients' tax obligations if they file a joint return or file separately. 1040 Editions only.

Depreciation and disposal summaries

Don't miss any valuable federal & state deductions. Instantly print a complete list of your clients' current year, next year and accumulated depreciable and disposal assets.

What-if scenario tax calculators

Expand your services by giving your clients an idea of what their tax situation would be if they chose to invest in an IRA. Or, offer on-the-spot estimates of what next year's tax obligation will be! 1040 Editions only.

All-state tax planning tool

Uses clients' Federal data to estimate their State income taxes. Prepare clients' year-end tax planning for Federal and State taxes in one seamless step. 1040 Editions only.

College student financial aid report

Whether you're preparing a return for a student or the parent of a student, print this handy worksheet with the tax information required for the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). 1040 Editions only.

Prior year comparison report

Provides an at-a-glance view of a return, making it easier to identify differences between last year and this year.

Custom client reporting

Now you can choose the order and the specific fields you want to appear in the Client Reports you produce with TaxAct. Plus, you can apply custom reporting to one, all or any number of clients in between.

Capital gains reports

View your clients' stock and asset sales in one list so you can quickly compare with your clients' brokerage statement. Includes reports for both short-term and long-term gains.

Handy "tax refund" or "amount owed" display

The refund or amount owed is constantly visible on screen, updating automatically so you know your clients' moment-to-moment tax situation.

Alerts help you steer clear of problems

TaxAct meticulously inspects your clients' return and alerts you to errors, omissions and valuable tax saving opportunities you may have missed. If there's an issue, it takes you directly to the problem so you can fix it.

Distributive Share Reports

Get a detailed review of shares for each partner's, shareholder's, or beneficiary's Schedule K-1. Included in 1065, 1120S and 1041 Editions.

Loan and savings calculators

Broaden your financial planning services. Effortlessly compute loan payments or the future value of savings deposits for your clients. Then print their amortization and accumulation schedules!

National averages comparison

TaxAct identifies potential "hot spots" that may catch the IRS's eye, and enables you to show your clients exactly where they stand compared to the rest of the taxpaying public. 1040 Editions only.