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Includes all the following programs: TaxACT 2015 Deluxe, TaxACT 2015 State 1040 and your choice of: TaxACT 2015 Business 1065, TaxACT 2015 Business 1120S, or TaxACT 2015 Business 1120*

Includes 1 free federal 1040 e-file & 1 free federal business e-file!**

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Never get stumped by a tax question. The enhanced TaxACT Answer Center gives you personalized, free help. Search for the fastest answers and video tutorials, or contact technical and TaxPayer Support specialists by email for free. Receive help via phone (upon product payment) for the entire 2012 tax year.

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If you are assessed a penalty due to a calculation error in TaxACT Deluxe, we'll pay the penalty & interest.

** TaxACT 2015 Business Edition(s) allow you to prepare one 1065, 1120S, or 1120 tax return only.

*** TaxACT 2015 Deluxe includes one free federal electronically filed return. Up to four additional federal returns may be filed electronically for $9.99 each. Per IRS regulations, you are limited to 5 returns filed electronically.