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Tax Forms and Schedules State All Products
Form 40Alabama Individual Income Tax ReturnAlabama
Form 2210ALEstimated Tax Penalties for IndividualsAlabama
Form 2210AL Schedule AIAnnualized Income Installment MethodAlabama
Form 40 - Part IOther IncomeAlabama
Form 40 - Part IIAdjustments to IncomeAlabama
Form 40 - Part IIIDependentsAlabama
Form 40 - Parts IV and VGeneral Information and Direct DepositAlabama
Form 40ESEstimated TaxAlabama
Form 40NRAlabama Nonresident Individual Income Tax ReturnAlabama
Form 40NR - Part IOther IncomeAlabama
Form 40NR - Part II and IIIAdjustments to IncomeAlabama
Form 40NR - Part IVFederal Income Tax DeductionAlabama
Form 40NR - Part V and VIDependents and General InformationAlabama
Form 40-VTax Payment VoucherAlabama
Form 4952AInvestment Interest ExpenseAlabama
Form AL8453Individual Income Tax Declaration for Electronic FilingAlabama
Form AL8453OLIndividual Income Tax Declaration for On-Line FilingAlabama
Form NOL-85Computation of Net Operating LossAlabama
Form NOL-85ANet Operating Loss Carryback or CarryforwardAlabama
Form EOOTaxpayer E-file Opt Out ElectionAlabama
Form 40 Schedule AItemized DeductionsAlabama
Form 40NR Schedule AItemized DeductionsAlabama
Schedule AACAlabama Adoption Tax CreditAlabama
Schedule AATCAlabama Accountability Tax CreditAlabama
Schedule AJAAlabama Jobs Act Investment CreditAlabama
Form 40 Schedule BInterest and Dividend IncomeAlabama
Form 40NR Schedule BInterest and Dividend IncomeAlabama
Schedule CRCredit For Taxes Paid To Other StatesAlabama
Form 40 Schedule DProfit From Sale of Real Estate Stocks Bonds etc.Alabama
Form 40NR Schedule DProfit From Sale of Real Estate Stocks Bonds etc.Alabama
Schedule DCDonation Check-OffsAlabama
Schedule DS & HOFDependents ScheduleAlabama
Schedule DECCareer Technical Dual Enrollment CreditAlabama
Form 40 Schedule E - Part IPart I - Supplemental Income and LossAlabama
Form 40 Schedule E - Part IIPart II - Income from Partnerships S Corporations Estates and TrustsAlabama
Form 40NR Schedule EIncome from Rents Royalties Partnerships Estates Trusts and S CorporationsAlabama
Schedule HTCHistoric Tax Rehabilitation CreditAlabama
Schedule NTCAlabama Net Tax CalculationAlabama
Schedule OCOther Available CreditsAlabama
Schedule W-2Wages Salaries Tips etc.Alabama
Form 120-ESCorporation Estimated Tax PaymentArizona
Form 131Claim for Refund on Behalf of Deceased TaxpayerArizona
Form 140Arizona Individual Income Tax ReturnArizona
Form 140ESComputation of Estimated PaymentsArizona
Form 140NRNonresident Personal Income Tax ReturnArizona
Form 140PYPart-year Resident Personal Income Tax ReturnArizona
Form 140-VArizona Individual Income Tax Payment Voucher for Electronic FilingArizona
Form 140XArizona Individual Amended Income Tax ReturnArizona
Schedule AItemized Deduction AdjustmentsArizona
Schedule A (NR)Itemized Deductions (140NR)Arizona
Schedule A (PY)Itemized Deductions (140PY)Arizona
Schedule A (PYN)Itemized Deductions (140PY)Arizona
Form 202Personal Exemption Allocation ElectionArizona
Form 203Request for Injured Spouse Protection from Application of Joint Overpayment Against Spouse's Delinquencies of DebtsArizona
Form 204Application for Filing ExtensionArizona
Form 221Underpayment of Estimated Tax by IndividualsArizona
Form 301Nonrefundable Individual Tax Credits and RecaptureArizona
Form 309Credit for Taxes Paid to Another State or CountryArizona
Form 310Credit for Solar Energy DevicesArizona
Form 321Credit for Contributions to Provide Assistance to the Working PoorArizona
Form 322Credit for Contributions Made or Fees Paid to Public SchoolsArizona
Form 323Credit for Contributions to School Tuition OrganizationsArizona
Form 340Credit for Donations to the Military Family Relief FundArizona
Form 348Credit for Contributions to Certified School Tuition OrganizationsArizona
Form 352Credit for Contributions to Qualifying Foster Care Charitable OrganizationsArizona
Form 1000-ECEarly Childhood CertificationArkansas
Form 1100-WHAR Withholding SummaryArkansas
Form AR1000-CETeachers Qualified Classroom Investment ExpenseArkansas
Form AR1000FArkansas Individual Income Tax Return Full Year ResidentArkansas
Form AR1000VIndividual Income Tax Return Payment VoucherArkansas
Form AR1000ADJArkansas Other AdjustmentsArkansas
Form AR1000-DCCertificate for Individuals with DisabilitiesArkansas
Form AR1000-ESEstimated Tax WorksheetArkansas
Form AR1000-ESPayment with ExtensionArkansas
Form AR1000NRPart-year NonresidentArkansas
Form AR1000-ODArkansas Organ Donor DeductionArkansas
Form AR1055Request for Extension of Time for Filing Income Tax ReturnsArkansas
Form AR1075Deduction for Tuition Paid to Post-Secondary Educational InstitutionsArkansas
Form AR1113Phenylketonuria Disorder and Other Metabolic Disorders CreditArkansas
Form AR2106Employee Business ExpensesArkansas
Form AR2210Underpayment of Estimated Tax by IndividualsArkansas
Form AR2210AAnnualized Penalty for Underpayment of Estimated Income TaxArkansas
Form AR3903Moving ExpensesArkansas
Form AR4684Casualties and TheftsArkansas
Form AR8453Declaration for Electronic FilingArkansas
Form AR8453-OLDeclaration for Online Electronic FilingArkansas
Form AR-MSTax Exemption Certificate for Military SpouseArkansas
Form AR-SEWSSelf-Employed Health Insurance Deduction ScheduleArkansas
Form AR-SLWSStudent Loan Interest ScheduleArkansas
Schedule AR1000TCSchedule of Tax CreditsArkansas
Schedule AR1000-COCheck-off Contributions ScheduleArkansas
Schedule AR3Arkansas Itemized Deduction ScheduleArkansas
Schedule AR4Interest and Dividend Income ScheduleArkansas
Schedule AR1000DCapital Gains ScheduleArkansas
Form AR-OIOther Income/Loss and Depreciation DifferencesArkansas
Form AR1000TDLump-Sum Distribution AveragingArkansas
Form 540Resident Income Tax ReturnCalifornia
Form 540 2EZResident Income Tax ReturnCalifornia
Form 540(NR)Nonresident or Part-Year Resident Income Tax ReturnCalifornia
Form 540XAmended Individual Income Tax ReturnCalifornia
Form 540ESEstimated Tax for IndividualsCalifornia
Form 568Limited Liability Company Return of IncomeCalifornia
Schedule CAAdjustments for ResidentsCalifornia
Schedule CA(NR)Adjustments for Nonresidents and Part-Year ResidentsCalifornia
Schedule DCapital Gains or Loss AdjustmentCalifornia
Schedule D(NR)Capital Gains or Loss AdjustmentCalifornia
Schedule D1Sale of Business AssetsCalifornia
Schedule EOPass-Through Entity OwnershipCalifornia
Schedule G-1Tax on Lump-Sum DistributionsCalifornia
Schedule IWLimited Liability Company (LLC) Income WorksheetCalifornia
Schedule PAlternative Minimum Tax and Credit LimitationsCalifornia
Schedule P(NR)Alternative Minimum Tax and Credit LimitationsCalifornia
Schedule SOther State Tax CreditCalifornia
Schedule W-2Wage and Tax StatementCalifornia
Form 3506Child and Dependent Care ExpensesCalifornia
Form 3510Credit for Prior Year Alternative Minimum TaxCalifornia
Form 3514Earned Income Tax CreditCalifornia
Form 3519Automatic Extension for IndividualsCalifornia
Form 3521Low-Income Housing CreditCalifornia
Form 3523Research CreditCalifornia
Form 3526Investment Interest ExpenseCalifornia
Form 3547Donated Agricultural Products Transportation CreditCalifornia
Form 3548Disabled Access Credit for Eligible Small BusinessesCalifornia
Form 3554New Employment CreditCalifornia
Form 3582Payment Voucher for Individual E-FileCalifornia
Form 3800Tax Computation for Children with Investment IncomeCalifornia
Form 3801Passive Activity Loss LimitationsCalifornia
Form 3803Parents' Election to Report Child's Interest and DividendsCalifornia
Form 3805EInstallment Sale IncomeCalifornia
Form 3805P - TaxpayerAdditional Taxes on Qualified Plans (Including IRAs)California
Form 3805P - SpouseAdditional Taxes on Qualified Plans (Including IRAs)California
Form 3805VNet Operating Loss Computation and NOL and Disaster Loss LimitationsCalifornia
Form 3885ADepreciation and Amortization AdjustmentsCalifornia
Form 5805Underpayment of Estimated TaxCalifornia
Form 8453E-file Return Authorization for IndividualsCalifornia
Form 8453-LLCE-File Return Authorization for Limited Liability CompaniesCalifornia
Form 8453OLOnline E-File DeclarationCalifornia
Form 8454E-file Opt-Out Record for IndividualsCalifornia
Form 8455California E-File Payment Record for IndividualsCalifornia
Form 8879California E-File Signature Authorization for IndividualsCalifornia
Schedule 4803eHead of Household Schedule for Electronic FilingCalifornia
Form 3532Head of Household Filing Status ScheduleCalifornia
Form 3596Paid Preparer's California Earned Income Tax Credit ChecklistCalifornia
Form 104Individual Income Tax ReturnColorado
Form 104AMTAlternative Minimum Tax Computation ScheduleColorado
Form 104XAmended Individual Income Tax ReturnColorado
Form 104ADSubtractions from Income ScheduleColorado
Form 104CRIndividual Credit ScheduleColorado
Form 104PNPart-Year/Nonresident Tax Calculation ScheduleColorado
Form 104CHVoluntary Contributions ScheduleColorado
Form 104USConsumer Use Tax Reporting ScheduleColorado
Form 104EPIndividual Estimated Income TaxColorado
Form 158-IExtension PaymentColorado
Form 204Underpayment of Individual Estimated TaxColorado
Form DR 0113Rural Jump-Start Zone Credit ScheduleColorado
Form DR 0347Child Care Expenses CreditColorado
Form DR 0617Innovative Motor Vehicle CreditColorado
Form DR 0900Payment Form for Electronic FilingColorado
Form DR 1316Colorado Source Capital Gain AffidavitColorado
Form DR 1366Enterprise Zone Credit and Carryforward ScheduleColorado
Form DR 1778E-File Attachment FormColorado
Form DR 8453Declaration for Electronic FilingColorado
CT-1065/CT-1120SI ESEstimated Connecticut Pass-Through Entity Tax Payment CouponConnecticut
CT-1040Resident Income Tax Return (Sch 1-5)Connecticut
CT-1040TCSTax Calculation ScheduleConnecticut
Sch CT-CHETSchedule CT-CHETConnecticut
Sch CT-EITCEarned Income CreditConnecticut
Sch CT-1040AWPart-Year Resident Income AllocationConnecticut
Sch CT-PEPass Through Entity Tax CreditConnecticut
CT-1040 EFWElectronic Withdrawal Payment RecordConnecticut
CT-1040ESEstimated Income Tax PaymentConnecticut
CT-1040 EXTExtension of Time to FileConnecticut
CT-1040NR/PYNonresident and Part-year Resident Tax ReturnConnecticut
CT-1040VElectronic Filing Payment VoucherConnecticut
Sch CT-1040WHSupplemental ScheduleConnecticut
CT-1040XAmended individual Income Tax ReturnConnecticut
CT-2210Underpayment of Estimated Tax by Individuals (Sch A & B)Connecticut
CT-6251Alternative Minimum Tax IndividualsConnecticut
CT-8379Nonobligated Spouse ClaimConnecticut
Sch CT-ITIncome Tax Credit SummaryConnecticut
Sch CT-SIIncome From CT Sources (1040NR/PY)Connecticut
1027Application for Automatic Extension of Time to FileDelaware
200-01Individual Resident Income Tax ReturnDelaware
200-01 Res SchedulesResident Schedules Delaware
200-01-XResident Amended Personal Income Tax ReturnDelaware
200-02Non-Resident Income Tax ReturnDelaware
200-02 Non-Res SchedulesNon-Resident ScheduleDelaware
200-02-XNon-Resident Amended Income Tax ReturnDelaware
200-ESDeclaration of Estimated Income TaxDelaware
200-VElectronic Filer Payment VoucherDelaware
DE2210Underpayment of Estimated TaxesDelaware
DE-8453Declaration for Electronic FilingDelaware
DE-8453OLDeclaration for Online FilingDelaware
Schedule WApportionment WorksheetDelaware
Form D-40District of Columbia Individual Income Tax ReturnDistrict of Columbia
Calculation GNumber of exemptionsDistrict of Columbia
Calculation JTax for Married filing separately on same return.District of Columbia
Combined Reporting (D30)Worldwide Combined Reporting ElectionDistrict of Columbia
Form Alternative Fuel Vehicle Conversion and Infrastructure CreditsAlternative Fuel Vehicle Conversion and Infrastructure CreditsDistrict of Columbia
Form D-2210Underpayment of Estimated Income Tax by IndividualsDistrict of Columbia
Form D-2220Underpayment of Estimated Income Tax by BusinessesDistrict of Columbia
Form D-2440Disability Income ExclusionDistrict of Columbia
Form D-2441Child and Dependent Care Credit for Part-Year ResidentsDistrict of Columbia
Form D-30Unincorporated Business Franchise Tax ReturnDistrict of Columbia
Form D-30ESDeclaration of Estimated Franchise TaxDistrict of Columbia
Form D-30PPayment VoucherDistrict of Columbia
Form D-40 EIndividual Income Tax Declaration For Electronic FilingDistrict of Columbia
Form D-40BTaxpayer - Nonresident Request for RefundDistrict of Columbia
Form D-40ESDeclaration of Estimated TaxDistrict of Columbia
Form D-40PPayment VoucherDistrict of Columbia
Form D-40WHWithholding Tax ScheduleDistrict of Columbia
Form DC-8379Injured Spouse AllocationDistrict of Columbia
Form FR-120Corporate Franchise Tax Extension VoucherDistrict of Columbia
Form FR-127Application for Extension of Time to FileDistrict of Columbia
Form FR-147Statement of Person Claiming Refund Due a Deceased TaxpayerDistrict of Columbia
Form FR-165Partnership Extension VoucherDistrict of Columbia
Schedule ELCEarly Learning Tax CreditDistrict of Columbia
Schedule HHomeowner and Renter Property Tax CreditDistrict of Columbia
Schedule IAdditions to and Subtractions from Federal Adjusted Gross IncomeDistrict of Columbia
Schedule NDC Non-Custodial Parent EITC ClaimDistrict of Columbia
Schedule SDependents InformationDistrict of Columbia
Schedule UAdditional Miscellaneous Credits and ContributionsDistrict of Columbia
Schedule UBBusiness CreditsDistrict of Columbia
Combined Reporting (D30)Worldwide Combined Reporting ElectionDistrict of Columbia
Form 500Individual Income Tax ReturnGeorgia
Schedule 1Adjustments to IncomeGeorgia
Schedule 2Credit Usage and CarryoverGeorgia
Schedule 3Part-Year Residents and NonresidentsGeorgia
Form IND CRIndividual Credit FormGeorgia
Form IND-CR 201Disabled Person Home Purchase or Retrofit CreditGeorgia
Form IND-CR 202Child and Dependent Care Expense CreditGeorgia
Form IND-CR 203Georgia National Guard/Air National Guard CreditGeorgia
Form IND-CR 204Qualified Caregiving Expense CreditGeorgia
Form IND-CR 205Driver Education CreditGeorgia
Form IND-CR 206Disaster Assistance CreditGeorgia
Form IND-CR 207Rural Physicians CreditGeorgia
Form IND-CR 208Adoption of a Foster Child CreditGeorgia
Form IND-CR 209Eligible Single-Family Residence Tax CreditGeorgia
Form IT-303Application for Extension of Time for FilingGeorgia
Form IT-560Extension Payment VoucherGeorgia
Form IT-CAGeorgia Job Tax CreditGeorgia
Form IT-CONSVConservation Tax CreditGeorgia
Form IT-FCFilm Tax CreditGeorgia
Form IT-RCRetraining Tax CreditGeorgia
Form IT-RDResearch Tax CreditGeorgia
Form IT-QEE-TP2Qualified Education Expense Credit ComputationGeorgia
Form PV CORPCorporate Payment VoucherGeorgia
Form 500ESIndividual Estimated Tax WorksheetGeorgia
Form 500 UETUnderpayment of Georgia Estimated TaxGeorgia
Form 500XAmended Individual Income Tax ReturnGeorgia
Form 525-TVPayment VoucherGeorgia
Form 8453Declaration for Electronic FilingGeorgia
Form N-1Estimated Tax WorksheetHawaii
Form N-11Hawaii Individual Income Tax ReturnHawaii
Form N-15Hawaii Individual Income Tax Return Nonresident and Part-Year ResidentHawaii
Form N-101AApplication for Automatic Extension of Time to FileHawaii
Form N-103Sale of Your HomeHawaii
Form N-139Moving ExpensesHawaii
Form N-158Investment Interest ExpenseHawaii
Form N-200VHawaii Payment VoucherHawaii
Form N-311 Refundable Food/ Excise Tax CreditHawaii
Form N-210Underpayment of Estimated TaxHawaii
Form N-323Carryover of Tax CreditsHawaii
Form N-342Renewable Energy Technologies Income Tax Credit (Installed after 6/30/09)Hawaii
Form N-342AInformation Statement Concerning Renewable Energy Technologies Income Tax CreditHawaii
Form N-356Earned Income Tax CreditHawaii
Form N-615Tax for Children Under Age 14 With Investment IncomeHawaii
Form N-814Parents' Election to Report Child's Interest and DividendsHawaii
Schedule AMDExplanation of Changes on Amended ReturnHawaii
Schedule CRSchedule of Tax CreditsHawaii
Schedule XTax Credits for Hawaii ResidentsHawaii
39NRSupplemental Schedule (43)Idaho
WKS Add Dependents (39NR)Additional Dependents Worksheet NonResIdaho
39RSupplemental Schedule (40)Idaho
WKS Add Dependents (39R)Additional Dependents WorksheetIdaho
40Individual Income Tax ReturnIdaho
ID-40VPayment VoucherIdaho
43Part-year Resident & Nonresident Income Tax ReturnIdaho
49Idaho Investment Tax CreditIdaho
51Payment Voucher ExtensionIdaho
75Fuels Use ReportIdaho
CGCapital Gains DeductionIdaho
IL-1040Individual Income Tax ReturnIllinois
IL-1040 Sch CRCredit for Tax Paid to Other State (1040)Illinois
IL-1040 Sch GVoluntary Charitable ContributionsIllinois
IL-1040 Sch ICRIllinois CreditsIllinois
IL-1040 Sch MOther Additions & Subtractions for IndividualsIllinois
IL-1040 Sch NR Nonresident and Part-year Resident ComputationIllinois
IL-1040-ESEstimated Income Tax Payments IndividualsIllinois
IL-1040-VIndividual Payment VoucherIllinois
IL-1040-XAmended individual Income Tax ReturnIllinois
IL-1040-X-VAmended Individual Payment VoucherIllinois
IL-2210Computation of Penalties for IndividualsIllinois
IL-4562Special DepreciationIllinois
IL-505-IAutomatic Extension Payment IndividualsIllinois
IL-8453Individual Declaration for e-fileIllinois
Sch 1299-CIncome Tax Subtractions and CreditsIllinois
Sch K-1-PPartner Shareholder Share Income, Deduction, Credits, RecaptureIllinois
Sch K-1-TBeneficiary's Share of Income & DeductionsIllinois
Sch WITIllinois Income Tax WithheldIllinois
Sch EICIllinois Earned Income CreditIllinois
Sch IN-529Indiana's College Choice 529 Education Savings Plan Credit Indiana
Sch IN-529RRecapture of Indiana's College Choice 529 Education Savings Plan CreditIndiana
Sch IN-DEPAdditional Dependent InformationIndiana
Sch IN-EDGEEcon. Dev. Growing CreditIndiana
Sch IN-EDGE-REcon. Dev. Growing Retention CrIndiana
Sch IN-EICEarned Income CreditIndiana
Sch COMP-CORComposite Indiana AGI Return for Corporate EntitiesIndiana
Sch OCCOther Certified CreditsIndiana
Sch 3ExemptionsIndiana
Sch 4Other Taxes Indiana
Sch 5CreditsIndiana
Sch 6Offset CreditsIndiana
Sch 7Additional Required InformationIndiana
ES-40Estimated Tax Payment Return for First Time FilersIndiana
Form CT-40County Tax Schedule for IN ResidentsIndiana
IN-OPTElectronic Filing Opt-Out DeclarationIndiana
IT-20 Sch FSDForeign Source Dividend Deduction ScheduleIndiana
IT-40Resident Individual Income Tax ReturnIndiana
IT-40ES Estimated Tax Payment voucher Indiana
IT-40NOLIndividual NOL ComputationIndiana
IT-40PNRIN Part-Year or Full-Year Nonresident Income Tax ReturnIndiana
IT-40RNRReciprocal Nonresident Indiana Individual Income Tax ReturnIndiana
IT-40XIN Amended Individual Income Tax ReturnIndiana
IT-9Application for Extension of Time to FileIndiana
Sch 1Add-BacksIndiana
Sch 2Deductions Indiana
IT-8453OLDeclaration of Electronic Filing Online FilingIndiana
IT-8879Declaration of Electronic FilingIndiana
PFC-INDPost Filing Coupon for E-Filing (IND)Indiana
Form IA 1040Iowa Individual Income Tax ReturnIowa
Form IA 1040-ESEstimated Income Tax for IndividualsIowa
Form IA 1040VIndividual Income Tax Payment VoucherIowa
Form IA 1040XAmended Individual Income Tax ReturnIowa
Form IA 1040XVAmended Income Tax Payment VoucherIowa
Form IA 126Nonresident and Part-Year Resident CreditIowa
Form IA 128Research Activities CreditIowa
Form IA 128SAlternative Simplified Research Activities CreditIowa
Form IA 130Out-of-State Credit ComputationIowa
Form IA 134S Corp Apportionment CreditIowa
Form IA 135E85 Gasoline Promotion Tax CreditIowa
Form IA 137Ethanol Promotion Tax CreditIowa
Form IA 138E15 Plus Gasoline Promotion Tax CreditIowa
Form IA 147Franchise Tax CreditIowa
Form IA 148Tax Credits ScheduleIowa
Form IA 2210Underpayment of Estimated Tax by IndividualsIowa
Form IA 4136Fuel Tax CreditIowa
Form IA 4562ADepreciation Adjustment ScheduleIowa
Form IA 4562BDepreciation Accumulated Adjustment ScheduleIowa
Form IA 6251Alternative Minimum Tax ComputationIowa
Form IA 8453-INDIowa Individual Income Tax Declaration for an E-File ReturnIowa
Form IA 8801Credit for Prior-Year Minimum TaxIowa
Form IA 8864Biodiesel Blended Fuel Tax CreditIowa
Schedule AItemized DeductionsIowa
Schedule BInterest and Dividend IncomeIowa
Form K-40Kansas Individual Income Tax ReturnKansas
Form K-120EXKansas Expensing Deduction ScheduleKansas
Form K-210Individual Underpayment of Estimated TaxKansas
Form K-40ESEstimated Tax for IndividualsKansas
Form K-40HHomestead ClaimKansas
Form K-40PTProperty Tax Relief Claim for Low Income SeniorsKansas
Form K-40VIndividual Income Tax Payment VoucherKansas
Schedule CRTax Credit ScheduleKansas
Schedule K-47Adoption CreditKansas
Schedule S - Part AModifications to Federal Adjusted Gross IncomeKansas
Schedule S - Part BPart-Year Resident/Nonresident AllocationKansas
Schedule S - Part CKansas Itemized DeductionsKansas
Form 740Kentucky Individual Income Tax ReturnKentucky
Form 740-NPIndividual Income Tax Return Nonresident or Part-year ResidentKentucky
Schedule AKentucky Itemized DeductionsKentucky
Schedule AItemized Deductions (740-NP)Kentucky
Schedule JKentucky Farm Income AveragingKentucky
Schedule KNOLKentucky Net Operating Loss ScheduleKentucky
Schedule ITCKY Individual Tax Credit ScheduleKentucky
Schedule MModifications to Federal Adjusted Gross IncomeKentucky
Schedule PPension Income ExclusionKentucky
Schedule TCSTax Credit Summary ScheduleKentucky
Form 8582-KKentucky Passive Activity Loss LimitationsKentucky
Form 8863-KEducation Tuition Tax CreditKentucky
Form 2210-KUnderpayment of Estimated Tax By IndividualsKentucky
Form 40A102Application for Extension of Time to FileKentucky
Form 4972-KKentucky Tax on Lump-Sum DistributionsKentucky
Form 740-ESEstimated TaxKentucky
Form 8879-KDeclaration for Electronic FilingKentucky
Form 8948-KPreparer Explanation for Not Filing ElectronicallyKentucky
Form 740-VElectronic Payment VoucherKentucky
Form PTE-WHKentucky Nonresident Income Tax Withholding on Net Distributive Share IncomeKentucky
Form IT-540Individual Income Tax ReturnLouisiana
Form IT-540BNonresident and Part-year Resident Individual Income Tax ReturnLouisiana
Form 540VElectronic Filing Payment VoucherLouisiana
Form IT-540ES Estimated Tax WorksheetLouisiana
Form IT-710Statement of Claimant to Refund Due on Behalf of Deceased TaxpayerLouisiana
Form R-210RUnderpayment of Income Tax Penalty ComputationLouisiana
Schedule R-10610Ad Valorem Tax Paid on InventoryLouisiana
Schedule R-10611Motion Picture Investment Tax Credit ScheduleLouisiana
Form R-10606Credit for Taxes Paid to Other StatesLouisiana
Form 8453(OL)Declaration for E-FileLouisiana
Form R-2868Application for Extension of Time to FileLouisiana
Form 1040MEMaine Individual Income Tax 1040MEMaine
Schedule 1Income ModificationsMaine
Schedule 2Itemized DeductionsMaine
Schedule AAdjustments to TaxMaine
Schedule CPCharitable Contributions and Park PassesMaine
Schedule NRNonresident CreditMaine
Form 2210MEUnderpayment of Estimated TaxMaine
Form 1040ES-MEEstimated Tax WorksheetMaine
Form 1040PMT-MEMaine Extension Payment VoucherMaine
Form 1040PMT-MEPayment VoucherMaine
Schedule PTFC/STFCProperty Tax and Sales Tax Fairness CreditsMaine
Minimum Tax Credit and CarryforwardMinimum Tax Credit and Carryforward WorksheetMaine
500DMDecoupling ModificationMaryland
502Individual Income Tax ReturnMaryland
502BMaryland Dependents InformationMaryland
502CRIncome Tax Credits IndividualsMaryland
502DEPPersonal Declaration of Estimated Income TaxMaryland
502INJInjured Spouse Claim FormMaryland
502RRetirement IncomeMaryland
502SSustainable Communities Tax CreditMaryland
502SUSubtractions from IncomeMaryland
502TPComputation of Tax Preference IncomeMaryland
502UPUnderpayment of Estimated MD Income Tax - IndividualMaryland
502VUse of Vehicle for Charitable PurposesMaryland
502XAmended MD Tax ReturnMaryland
504Fiduciary Income Tax ReturnMaryland
504-NBDNonresident Beneficiary Deduction Summary SheetMaryland
505NRNonresident Income Tax CalculationMaryland
505SUMaryland Subtractions from IncomeMaryland
505XNonresident Amended MD Tax ReturnMaryland
510K-1Maryland Pass-Through Entity Members InformationMaryland
588Direct Deposit of Maryland Income Tax Refund to More than One AccountMaryland
EL101Declaration for Electronic FilingMaryland
PVPayment VoucherMaryland
PVWPayment Voucher WorksheetMaryland
Form 1Resident Income Tax ReturnMassachusetts
Form 1-NR/PYNonresident/Part-Year Resident Income Tax ReturnMassachusetts
Form 1-ESEstimated Income TaxMassachusetts
Schedule A (335S)Balance SheetMassachusetts
Schedule B/C (335S)Tangible/Intangible Property Corp ClassificationMassachusetts
Schedule BInterest, Dividends and Certain Capital Gains and LossesMassachusetts
Schedule CProfit or Loss from BusinessMassachusetts
Schedule C - Statutory EmployeeProfit or Loss from Business for Statutory EmployeesMassachusetts
Schedule CBSenior Circuit Breaker CreditMassachusetts
Schedule DLong-Term Capital Gains and Losses Excluding CollectiblesMassachusetts
Schedule D/E-1 (335S)Intangible Property Corporation/Dividends DeductionMassachusetts
Schedule E ReconciliationTotal Supplemental Income and LossMassachusetts
Schedule E (335S)Taxable IncomeMassachusetts
Schedule E-1Real Estate and Royalty Income and LossMassachusetts
Schedule E-2Partnership and S Corporation Income and LossMassachusetts
Schedule E-3Estate, Trust, REMIC, and Farm Income and LossMassachusetts
Schedule ECSolar and Wind Energy CreditMassachusetts
Schedule EOACEconomic Opportunity Area CreditMassachusetts
Schedule HCHealth Care InformationMassachusetts
Schedule HC-CSHealth Care Information Continuation SheetMassachusetts
Schedule NTS-L-NR/PYNo Tax Status and Limited Income CreditMassachusetts
Schedule R/NRForm 1-NR/PY Resident/Nonresident WorksheetMassachusetts
Schedule INCForms W-2 and 1099 Information ScheduleMassachusetts
Schedule LPCredit for Removing or Covering Lead Paint on Residential PremisesMassachusetts
Schedule RFCRefundable Film CreditMassachusetts
Schedule SCSeptic CreditMassachusetts
Schedule XYOther Income, Deductions and CreditsMassachusetts
Schedule DIDependent InformationMassachusetts
Form M-2210Underpayment of Massachusetts Estimated Income TaxMassachusetts
Form M-4868Application for Automatic Six-Month ExtensionMassachusetts
Form M-8453Individual Income Tax Declaration for Electronic FilingMassachusetts
Form PVMassachusetts Income Tax Payment VoucherMassachusetts
Form CA-6Application for Abatement/Amended ReturnMassachusetts
Form 355-PVCorp Payment VoucherMassachusetts
Form 355S-PVCorp Payment VoucherMassachusetts
Schedule CRSCredit Recapture ScheduleMassachusetts
Schedule CMSCredit Manager ScheduleMassachusetts
Schedule OJCIncome Tax Paid to Other JurisdictionsMassachusetts
Form MI - 1040Michigan Individual Income Tax ReturnMichigan
CF-1040PVIncome Tax Return Payment VoucherMichigan
Form 1041-VFiduciary Payment VoucherMichigan
Form 3174Direct Deposit of RefundMichigan
Form 4Application for Extension of Time to File Michigan Tax ReturnsMichigan
Form 4642Michigan Voluntary Contributions ScheduleMichigan
Form 4884Michigan Pension ScheduleMichigan
Form 4973Pension Continuation ScheduleMichigan
Form 4976Home Heating Credit Claim MI-1040CR-7 SupplementalMichigan
Form 5049Married Filing Separately and Divorced or Separated Claimants ScheduleMichigan
Form 5118CITY Resident Income Tax ReturnMichigan
Form 5119CITY Nonresident Income Tax ReturnMichigan
Form 5120CITY Part-Year Resident Income Tax ReturnMichigan
Form 5121CITY of Detroit Withholding Tax ScheduleMichigan
Form 5122CITY Income Tax e-file Payment VoucherMichigan
Form 5123CITY Estimated Income Tax for IndividualsMichigan
Form 5209CITY Income Tax Return Application for Extension of Time to FileMichigan
Form 5253CITY Withholding Tax Continuation ScheduleMichigan
Form 5327City of Detroit Business Income Apportionment Continuation ScheduleMichigan
Form 5472Direct Debit of Individual Income Tax PaymentMichigan
Form CF-1040Michigan City Tax Common FormMichigan
Form CF-1040ESCommon Form Declaration of Estimated Income TaxMichigan
Form CF-1040XAmended Common FormMichigan
Form CF-1040XPVAmended Income Tax Return Payment VoucherMichigan
Form CF-2848Power of Attorney AuthorizationMichigan
Form CF-4220Common Form Individual Income Tax Barcode DatasheetMichigan
Form CF-4868Common Form - Application for Automatic ExtensionMichigan
Form MI - 1040 - VE-File Payment VoucherMichigan
Form MI - 1040CRHomestead Property Tax Credit ClaimMichigan
Form MI - 1040CR - 2Homestead Property Tax Credit Claim for Veterans and Blind PeopleMichigan
Form MI - 1040CR - 5Farmland Preservation Tax Credit ClaimMichigan
Form MI - 1040CR - 7Home Heating Credit ClaimMichigan
Form MI - 1040DAdjustments of Capital Gains and LossesMichigan
Form MI - 1040ESEstimated Income Tax for IndividualsMichigan
Form MI - 1040HSchedule of ApportionmentMichigan
Form MI - 1310Claim for Refund Due a Deceased TaxpayerMichigan
Form MI - 2210Underpayment of Estimated Income TaxMichigan
Form MI - 4797Adjustments of Gains and Losses from Sales of Business PropertyMichigan
Form MI - 8453Declaration for Electronic FilingMichigan
Form MI - 8949Sales and Other Dispositions of Capital AssetsMichigan
Form 8453-FEEstate or Trust Declaration for e-fileMichigan
Form Tribal 4013Resident Tribal Member (RTM) Annual Sales Tax CreditMichigan
Schedule 1Additions and SubtractionsMichigan
Schedule CR - 5Schedule of Taxes and Allocation to Each AgreementMichigan
Schedule NRNonresident and Part-Year Resident ScheduleMichigan
Schedule RZCommon Form - Renaissance Zone DeductionMichigan
Schedule TCCommon Form Part-Year Resident Tax CalculationMichigan
Schedule TCXAmended Part-Year Resident Tax CalculationMichigan
Schedule WWithholding Tax ScheduleMichigan
BANKBank Auth for Direct DebitMinnesota
EETPElectronic Estimated Tax PaymentsMinnesota
ETPEmployer Transit pass CreditMinnesota
KFBeneficiary's Share of Minnesota Taxable IncomeMinnesota
KFBeneficiary's Share of Minnesota Taxable IncomeMinnesota
KFNCFederal AdjustmentsMinnesota
KPCNCFederal AdjustmentsMinnesota
KPINCFederal AdjustmentsMinnesota
KSNCFederal AdjustmentsMinnesota
LKLike-Kind ExchangesMinnesota
M1Individual Income TaxMinnesota
M15Underpayment of Estimated Income TaxMinnesota
M1CATCasualty and TheftMinnesota
M1CDChild and Dependent Care CreditMinnesota
M1CRCredit for Income Tax Paid to Another StateMinnesota
M1EDK-12 Education CreditMinnesota
M1PSCCredit for Parents of Stillborn ChildrenMinnesota
M1REFRefundable CreditsMinnesota
M1LSTax on Lump Sum Distributions Minnesota
M1LTILong-term Care Insurance CreditMinnesota
M1MIncome Additions and SubtractionsMinnesota
M1MAMarriage CreditMinnesota
M1MOVEMoving ExpensesMinnesota
M1MTAlternative Minimum TaxMinnesota
M1MTCAlternative Minimum Tax CreditMinnesota
M1NCFederal AdjustmentsMinnesota
M1NRNonresidents/Part-year ResidentsMinnesota
M1PRProperty Tax RefundMinnesota
M1PRXAmended Property Tax Refund Minnesota
M1RAge 65 or Older/Disabled SubtractionMinnesota
M1SAMinnesota Itemized DeductionsMinnesota
M1UEUnreimbursed Employee Business ExpensesMinnesota
M1WMN Income Tax WithheldMinnesota
M1WFCWorking Family CreditMinnesota
M1XAmended Income TaxMinnesota
M2NCFederal AdjustmentsMinnesota
M4NCFederal AdjustmentsMinnesota
M4NP NOLNet Operating Loss DeductionMinnesota
IND-AMDAmended Income Tax Return Payment Minnesota
IND-ESTIndividual Estimated Tax PaymentMinnesota
IND-EXTIncome Tax Extension PaymentMinnesota
IND-PAYIncome Tax Return PaymentMinnesota
PROP-AMDAmended Property Tax Refund PaymentMinnesota
Form 80-105Mississippi Resident Individual Income Tax ReturnMississippi
Form 80-108 Part 1 - Schedule AItemized DeductionsMississippi
Form 80-108 Part 2 - Schedule BInterest and Dividend IncomeMississippi
Form 80-108 Part 2Other Income (Loss) and Supplemental IncomeMississippi
Form 80-107Individual W-2 Data SheetMississippi
Form 80-106Payment VoucherMississippi
Form MS8453Individual Income Tax Declaration for Electronic FilingMississippi
Form 80-155Net operating loss scheduleMississippi
Form 80-160Tax Credit Paid to One or More Other StatesMississippi
Form 80-170Mississippi Resident Amended Individual Income Tax ReturnMississippi
Form 80-180Application for Automatic Extension of Time to FileMississippi
Form 80-205Nonresident or Part-year Resident Individual Income Tax ReturnMississippi
Form 80-270Mississippi Nonresident Amended Individual Income Tax ReturnMississippi
Form 80-300Estimated Income Tax Worksheet for IndividualsMississippi
Form 80-315Reforestation Tax CreditMississippi
Form 80-320Interest on Underestimate of Individual Income TaxMississippi
Form 80-401Form 80-401 Income Tax Credit Summary ScheduleMississippi
Form 80-491Statement 1 - Additional DependentsMississippi
Form 71-661Installment AgreementMississippi
Form 80-360Catastrophe Saving Tax ScheduleMississippi
MO-1040Individual Income Tax ReturnMissouri
MO-1040ESEstimated Tax - IndividualMissouri
WKS MO-1040ESEstimated Tax WorksheetMissouri
MO-1040VPayment VoucherMissouri
MO-2210Underpayment of Estimated Tax by IndividualsMissouri
MO-5632Missouri's 529 College Savings Plan Direct Deposit Form Missouri
MO-8453Declaration for Internet or E-FilingMissouri
MO-AIndividual Income Tax AdjustmentsMissouri
MO-CRCredit for Income Taxes Paid to Other StatesMissouri
MO-CRPCertification of Rent Paid Missouri
MO-FPTFood Pantry Tax CreditMissouri
MO-HEAHome Energy Audit ExpenseMissouri
MO-60Application for Extension of Time to File (Individual)Missouri
MO-NRIMO Income PercentageMissouri
MO-PTSProperty Tax Credit ScheduleMissouri
MO-TCMiscellaneous Income Tax CreditsMissouri
Form 2Individual Income Tax ReturnMontana
Form 2 - Schedule IMontana Additions to Federal Adjusted Gross IncomeMontana
Form 2 - Schedule IIMontana Subtractions to Federal Adjusted Gross IncomeMontana
Form 2 - Schedule IIIItemized DeductionsMontana
Form 2 - Schedule IVNonresident/Part-Year Resident TaxMontana
Form 2 - Schedule VCredits Against TaxMontana
Form 2 - Schedule VICredit for Tax Paid to Another StateMontana
Form 2 - Schedule VIIIReporting of Special TransactionsMontana
Form CCCollege Contribution CreditMontana
Form ENRG-CEnergy Conservation Installations CreditMontana
Form EST-IUnderpayment of Estimated Income TaxMontana
Form ESWIndividual Estimated Income Tax WorksheetMontana
Form EXTExtension Payment WorksheetMontana
Form ITPayment CouponMontana
Form 2441-MChild and Dependent Care ExpensesMontana
Enrg AGeothermal System CreditMontana
Enrg BAlternative Energy System CreditMontana
Form CCCollege Contribution CreditMontana
Form HIHealth Insurance for Uninsured Montanans CreditMontana
Form RCYLRecycle Credit and DeductionMontana
Form DCACDependent Care Assistance CreditMontana
Form 1040NNebraska Individual Income Tax ReturnNebraska
Form 1040N-ESNebraska Individual Estimated Income TaxNebraska
Form 1040N-VIndividual Income Tax Payment VoucherNebraska
Form 1040XNNebraska Amended Individual Income Tax ReturnNebraska
Form 1310NStatement of Person Claiming Refund Due to a Deceased PersonNebraska
Form 2220Corp Underpayment of Estimated Income TaxNebraska
Form 2220NIndividual Underpayment of Estimated TaxNebraska
Form 2441NChild and Dependent Care ExpensesNebraska
Form 4868NNebraska Application for Extension of TimeNebraska
Form TANFEmployers Credit for Expenses Incurred for TANF (ADC) RecipientsNebraska
Prep E-File Opt-OutNebraska E-File Opt-Out Record for IndividualsNebraska
Schedule IAdjustments to IncomeNebraska
Schedule IICredit for Tax Paid to Another StateNebraska
Schedule IIIComputation of Nebraska Tax (Nonresident and Part-Year)Nebraska
Form DP-10New Hampshire Interest and Dividends Tax ReturnNew Hampshire
Form ADDLINFOBusiness Profits Tax Return Additional InformationNew Hampshire
Form BETNew Hampshire Business Enterprise Tax ReturnNew Hampshire
Form BT-EXTExtension of time to File Business Tax ReturnNew Hampshire
Form BT-SummaryNew Hampshire Business Tax SummaryNew Hampshire
Form DP-10-ESEstimated Interest and Dividends TaxNew Hampshire
Form DP-160Schedule of CreditsNew Hampshire
Form DP-2210Exceptions and Penalty for the Underpayment of Estimated TaxNew Hampshire
Form DP-59-AExtension of time to File Interest and Dividends Tax ReturnNew Hampshire
Form NH-1040New Hampshire Business Profits Tax ReturnNew Hampshire
Form NH-1040-ESEstimated Proprietorship Business TaxNew Hampshire
Form NH-PYTPayment VoucherNew Hampshire
Schedule IVOther Internal Revenue Code Reconciling AdjustmentsNew Hampshire
Form 1041-VPayment VoucherNew Jersey
Form CBT-VNJ Corp Bus Tax Partnership Payment VoucherNew Jersey
Form CBT-150CEstimated Payment Voucher - C CorporationNew Jersey
Form NJ-630Application for Extension of time to file NJ Gross Income Tax ReturnNew Jersey
Form NJ-1040Resident Income Tax ReturnNew Jersey
Form NJ-1040NRNon-Resident Income Tax ReturnNew Jersey
Form NJ-1040-OE-File Opt Out Request Form (Preparer's)New Jersey
Form NJ-1040XAmended Income Tax Resident ReturnNew Jersey
Schedule COJCredit for Income or Wage Taxes Paid to Other JurisdictionNew Jersey
Schedule DOPNet Gains or Income From Disposition of PropertyNew Jersey
Schedule NJK-1 (Form NJ-1065)Partner's Share of IncomeNew Jersey
Schedule NJ-K-1 (Form CBT-100S)Shareholder's Share of Income/LossNew Jersey
Schedule NJ-BUS-1Business Income Summary ScheduleNew Jersey
Schedule NJ-BUS-2Alternative Business Calculation AdjustmentNew Jersey
Schedule WWCWounded Warrior Caregivers CreditNew Jersey
Form NJ-NR-ANonresident Business Allocation ScheduleNew Jersey
Form NJ-2210Underpayment of Estimated TaxNew Jersey
Form NJ-2450Claim for Credit - TaxpayerNew Jersey
Form NJ-2450 SpouseClaim for Credit - SpouseNew Jersey
Form NJ-1040-ES/NR-ESIndividual Estimated Tax WorksheetNew Jersey
Form NJ-1040-VNJ Gross Income Tax Payment VoucherNew Jersey
Form NJ-1040-NR-VNJ Gross Income Tax Payment VoucherNew Jersey
PIT-1Personal Income TaxNew Mexico
PIT-110Adjustments to New Mexico IncomeNew Mexico
PIT-8453Individual Declaration for Electronic Filing and TransmittalNew Mexico
PIT-ADJSchedule of Additions and DeductionsNew Mexico
PIT-BAllocation and Apportionment ScheduleNew Mexico
PIT-CGCaregiver's StatementNew Mexico
PIT-CRCredit Schedule and SupplementalNew Mexico
PIT-DVoluntary ContributionNew Mexico
PIT-ESIndividual Estimated Income TaxNew Mexico
PIT-EXTExtension Payment VoucherNew Mexico
PIT-PVPayment VoucherNew Mexico
PIT-RCRebate and Credit ScheduleNew Mexico
PIT-SDependent ExemptionsNew Mexico
PIT-XAmended ReturnNew Mexico
PIT-ZAddendum to PIT-1New Mexico
RPD-41096Application for ExtensionNew Mexico
RPD-41317Solar Market Development Tax CrdNew Mexico
RPD-41326Rural Health Care Practioner Tax CreditNew Mexico
RPD-41329Sustainable Building Tax CreditNew Mexico
RPD-41369NOL Carryforward Schedule for Personal Income TaxNew Mexico
RPD-41338 (Waiver)Taxpayer Waiver for Preparers Electronic Filing RequirementNew Mexico
CT-6Election by a Federal S Corporation to be Treated As a New York S CorporationNew York
IT-1099-RSummar of Fed Form 1099-R StatementsNew York
IT-112.1Resident Credit Against Separate Tax on Lump-Sum DistributionsNew York
IT-112-CResident Credit for Taxes Paid to a ProvinceNew York
IT-112-RNY State Resident Tax CreditNew York
IT-114 Claim for Family Tax Relief CreditNew York
IT-135Sales and Use Tax Report for Purchases of items and Services Costing $25,000 or MoreNew York
IT-182Passive Activity Loss LimitationsNew York
IT-196New York Resident, Nonresident, and Part-Year Resident Itemized DeductionsNew York
IT-2Summary of W-2 StatementsNew York
IT-201NY Resident Income Tax ReturnNew York
IT-201-ATTItemized Deductions & Other Taxes & Tax CreditsNew York
IT-201-VPayment Voucher for Electronic FilingNew York
IT-201-XAmended Resident Income Tax ReturnNew York
IT-203 Nonresident & Part-Year Tax ReturnNew York
IT-203-A Nonresident Business Allocation ScheduleNew York
IT-203-ATTIncome Allocation and Itemized DeductionsNew York
IT-203-BOther NY State & City of NY Taxes and CreditsNew York
IT-203-DNonresident and Part-year Resident Itemized Deduction ScheduleNew York
IT-203-XAmended Nonresident Part-year Resident Income Tax ReturnNew York
IT-204-LLLLC/LLP Filing Fee Payment FormNew York
IT-209Claim for Noncustodial Parent NYS EICNew York
IT-2105Estimated Income Tax Payment VoucherNew York
IT-2105.9Underpayment of Estimated Income TaxNew York
IT-212Investment CreditNew York
IT-212-ATTClaim for Historic Barn Rehabilitation Credit & Employment IncentiveNew York
IT-213Claim for Empire State Child CreditNew York
IT-213-ATTChild Information for Empire State Child CreditNew York
IT-214Claim for Real Property Tax CreditNew York
IT-215Claim for Earned Income CreditNew York
IT-216Claim for Child and Dependent Care CreditNew York
IT-217Claim for Farmer School Tax CreditNew York
IT-219Credit for NY City Unincorporated Business TaxNew York
IT-221Disability Income ExclusionNew York
IT-222General Corporation Tax CreditNew York
IT-223Innovation Hot Spot DeductionNew York
IT-225NY State ModificationsNew York
IT-230Separate Tax on Lump-Sum DistributionsNew York
IT-241Claim for Clean Heating Fuel CreditNew York
IT-242Claim for Conservation Easement Tax CreditNew York
IT-245Claim for Volunteer Firefighters' and Ambulance Workers' CreditNew York
IT-249Claim for Long-term Care Insurance CreditNew York
IT-250Claim for Credit Purchase an AEDNew York
IT-255Claim for Solar Energy System Equip CreditNew York
IT-256Claim for Special Addt'l Mortgage Recording Tax CreditNew York
IT-257Claim of Right CreditNew York
IT-258Claim for Nursing Home Assessment CreditNew York
IT-272Claim for College Tuition CreditNew York
IT-280Nonobligated Spouse AllocationNew York
IT-360.1Change of City ResidenceNew York
IT-370App for Automatic Extension of Time to File - IndividualsNew York
IT-398NY State Depreciation Schedule for IRS Section 168 (k) PropertyNew York
IT-399NYS Depreciation ScheduleNew York
IT-501Temporary Deferral Nonrefundable Payout CreditNew York
IT-601Claim for EZ Wage Tax CreditNew York
IT-603Claim for EZ Investment Tax Credit and EZ Employment Incentive CreditNew York
IT-604Claim for QEZE Tax Reduction CreditNew York
IT-606Claim for QEZE Credit for Real Property TaxesNew York
IT-607Claim for Excelsior Jobs Program Tax CreditNew York
IT-611Claim for Brownfield Redevelopment Tax CreditNew York
IT-611.1Claim for Brownfield Redevelopment Tax CreditNew York
IT-612Claim for Remediated Brownfield Credit for Real Property TaxesNew York
IT-634Empire State Jobs Retention Program CreditNew York
IT-635NY Youth Works Tax CreditNew York
IT-636Beer Production CreditNew York
IT-637Alternative Fuels & Electric Vehicle Recharging Property CreditNew York
IT-639Minimum Wage Reimbursement CreditNew York
IT-639-ATTMinimum Wage Reimbursement CreditNew York
IT-641Manufacturer's Real Property Tax CreditNew York
IT-649Farm Donations to Food Pantries CreditNew York
NYC 1127Nonresident Employees of the City of NY Hired On or After January 4, 1973New York
NYC 202Unincorporated Business Tax Return for Individuals, Estates and TrustsNew York
NYC 399ZDepreciation Adjustments for Certain Post 9-10-01 PropertyNew York
NYC 579-EMPSignature Authorization for Efiled Form NYC 1127New York
NYC 579-UBTISignature Auth for E-filed Unincorporated Business Tax Return Prepared by ERONew York
NYC 5UBTIDeclaration of Estimated Unincorporated Business TaxNew York
NYC EXTApp for Automatic 6-month Extension of Time to File Business Income Tax ReturnNew York
NYC-200VPayment Voucher for Returns and ExtensionsNew York
NYC-208 Claim for NYC Enhanced Real Property Tax CreditNew York
NYC-210 Claim for NYC School Tax CreditNew York
Y-203City of Yonkers Nonresident Earnings Tax ReturnNew York
TR-573.1NYS E File StatementNew York
TR-573.2NYS E File StatementNew York
TR-579.1-ITNY State Taxpayer Authorization for Electronic Funds WithdrawalNew York
TR-579-ITE-file Signature AuthorizationNew York
Form D-400Individual Income Tax ReturnNorth Carolina
Form D-400 Schedule SSupplemental ScheduleNorth Carolina
Form D-400TCIndividual Tax CreditsNorth Carolina
Form D-422Underpayment of Estimated TaxNorth Carolina
Form D-422AAnnualized Income InstallmentNorth Carolina
Form NC-478Tax Credits Limited to 50% of TaxNorth Carolina
Form NC-478GCredit for Investing in Renewable Energy PropertyNorth Carolina
Form NC-478LCredit for Investing in Real PropertyNorth Carolina
Form NC-478 (PT)Pass-Through ScheduleNorth Carolina
Form NC-40Estimated Income TaxNorth Carolina
Form D-400VPayment VoucherNorth Carolina
Form D-400 Schedule AMNorth Carolina Amended ScheduleNorth Carolina
Form D-400V AmendedPayment Voucher for Amended ReturnNorth Carolina
Form D-410Application for Extension For Filing Tax ReturnNorth Carolina
Form NC-EDUEducation Endowment Fund Payment VoucherNorth Carolina
Form ND-1North Dakota Individual Income Tax ReturnNorth Dakota
Form ND-1ESEstimated Income Tax WorksheetNorth Dakota
Form ND-1EXTIndividual Extension Payment VoucherNorth Dakota
Form ND-1FACalculation of Tax Under 3-Year Averaging Method for Elected Farm IncomeNorth Dakota
Form ND-1NRTax Calculation for Nonresidents and Part-Year ResidentsNorth Dakota
Form ND1-UTUnderpayment of Estimated Income TaxNorth Dakota
Form ND-1VElectronic Return Payment VoucherNorth Dakota
Form ND-40-PVPaper Payment VoucherNorth Dakota
Form ND-58-PVPaper Payment VoucherNorth Dakota
Form ND-60-PVPaper Payment VoucherNorth Dakota
Schedule K-1 (58)Partner's ShareNorth Dakota
Schedule ND-1CRCredit For Income Tax Paid To Another StateNorth Dakota
Schedule ND-1SAStatutory AdjustmentsNorth Dakota
Schedule ND-1TCTax CreditsNorth Dakota
Schedule RZSchedule for Renaissance Zone Income Exemption and Tax CreditsNorth Dakota
Form IT-1040Ohio Income Tax ReturnOhio
CCA Form 120-16-ECCCA Exemption CertificateOhio
CCA Form 120-16-IRCCA City Tax FormOhio
CITY GENERICCommon City Income TaxOhio
Common City ReturnCity Income Tax ReturnOhio
Form IT 2210Interest Penalty on UnderpaymentOhio
Form IT 10Income Tax Information NoticeOhio
Form IT WaiverWaiver for E-File RequirementOhio
Form IT BUSBusiness Income ScheduleOhio
Form IT DAAffidavit of Non-Ohio ResidencyOhio
Form IT NRCIncome Allocation and ApportionmentOhio
Form IT NRCEIncome Allocation and Apportionment for Calculating the Estate Nonresident CreditOhio
Form IT NRSOhio Nonresident StatementOhio
Form IT REAmended Return Reason and Explanation of CorrectionsOhio
Form IT NOLNet Operating Loss Carryback ScheduleOhio
Form IT-1040ESEstimated TaxOhio
Form IT-40PIncome Tax Payment VoucherOhio
Form IT-40XPAmended Income Tax Payment VoucherOhio
Form SD 100School District Income Tax ReturnOhio
Form SD 100ESSchool District Estimated TaxOhio
Form SD 2210Interest Penalty on UnderpaymentOhio
Form SD 40PSchool District Tax Payment VoucherOhio
Form SD 40XPAmended School District Tax Payment VoucherOhio
Form SD REAmended Return Reason and Explanation of CorrectionsOhio
RITA ExemptionIndividual Declaration of ExemptionOhio
RITA Form 37RITA Individual Income Tax ReturnOhio
Schedule AIncome AdjustmentsOhio
Schedule JDependents Claimed on the Ohio IT 1040 ReturnOhio
Schedule of CreditsNonrefundable and RefundableOhio
Form 500BReport of Nonresident Member Income Tax WithheldOklahoma
Form 504Application for Extension of Time to FileOklahoma
Form 504-BInformation ReturnOklahoma
Form 504-CApplication for Ext. of time to file for and OK Income Tax Return for Corps, Parts, & TrustsOklahoma
Form 511Oklahoma Individual Income Tax ReturnOklahoma
Form 511 Schedule FEarned Income CreditOklahoma
Form 511 Schedule GDonations From RefundOklahoma
Form 511 Schedules A B CResident Additions Subtractions and AdjustmentsOklahoma
Form 511 Schedules D EResident Deductions and CreditsOklahoma
Form 511CROther CreditsOklahoma
Form 511EFDeclaration for Electronic FilingOklahoma
Form 511-NOLResident Net Operating LossOklahoma
Form 511NROklahoma Nonresident or Part-Year Resident Income Tax ReturnOklahoma
Form 511NR Schs A B CPart-Year/NonResident Additions Subtractions and AdjustmentsOklahoma
Form 511NR Schs D EPart-Year/Non-Resident Deductions and CreditsOklahoma
Form 511NR-NOLNonresident/Part-Year Net Operating LossOklahoma
Form 511TXCredit For Tax Paid To Another StateOklahoma
Form 511VIncome Tax Payment VoucherOklahoma
Form 511WIndividual W-2 Data SheetOklahoma
Form 512S-SUPSupplemental Schedule for Form 512-S, Part 5Oklahoma
Form 514-SUPSupplemental Schedule for Form 514Oklahoma
Form 514-PT-SUPSupplemental Schedule for Form 514-PTOklahoma
Form 538-HClaim For Credit or Refund Of Property TaxOklahoma
Form 538-SClaim For Credit or Refund Of Sales TaxOklahoma
Form 561Resident Capital Gain DeductionOklahoma
Form 561NRPart-Year/ NonResident Capital Gain DeductionOklahoma
Form 564Credit For Employees in the Aerospace SectorOklahoma
Form 567-ACredit for Investment in a Clean-Burning Motor Vehicle Fuel PropertyOklahoma
Form 576Natural Disaster Tax CreditOklahoma
Form 577Refundable Coal CreditOklahoma
Form 578Refundable Credit for Electricity Generated by Zero-Emission FacilitiesOklahoma
Form OW-8-ESEstimated Tax WorksheetOklahoma
Form OW-8-PUnderpayment of Estimated TaxOklahoma
Form EF-VBusiness Filers Payment VoucherOklahoma
Form EFDeclaration for Electronic FilingOklahoma
Schedule K-1Oklahoma
Form OR-40Individual Income Tax ReturnOregon
Form OR-40-NIndividual Income Tax Return NonresidentsOregon
Form OR-40-PIndividual Income Tax Return Part-year ResidentsOregon
Form OR-10Underpayment of Oregon Estimated TaxOregon
Form OR-40-VOregon Income Tax Payment VoucherOregon
Form OR-EFDeclaration for Electronic FilingOregon
Schedule OR-DONATEOregon Charitable Checkoff DonationsOregon
Schedule OR-PTEPass-Through entity Income Reduced Tax Rate ScheduleOregon
Schedule OR-PTE-PYPass-Through entity Income Reduced Tax Rate Schedule for Oregon Part Year ResidentsOregon
Schedule OR-PTE-NRPass-Through entity Income Reduced Tax Rate Schedule for NonresidentsOregon
Schedule OR-MPCMobile Home Park ClosureOregon
Schedule OR-AOregon Itemized DeductionsOregon
Schedule OR-ASCOregon Adjustment for Form 40 FilersOregon
Schedule OR-ASC-NPOregon Adjustment for Form 40N & 40P FilerOregon
Schedule OR-529Oregon 529 College Savings Plan Direct Deposit for Form 40 FilersOregon
Schedule OR-WFHDCWorking Family Household and Dependent Care Credit for Full-Year ResidentsOregon
Schedule OR-WFHDC-NPWorking Family Household and Dependent Care Credit for Part-Year and Non-ResidentsOregon
Form OR-TMTri-County Metropolitan Transportation District Self-Employment TaxOregon
Form OR-TM-VTriMet Self Employment Tax Payment VoucherOregon
Form OR-LTDLane County Mass Transit District Self-Employment TaxOregon
Form OR-LTD-VLTD Self Employment Tax Payment VoucherOregon
Schedule OR-TSE-APOregon Transit Self-Employment Tax Apportionment WorksheetOregon
Schedule OR-ADD-DEPOregon Personal Income Tax Return Additional DependentsOregon
Worksheet FCGFarm Liquidation Long-term Capital Gain Tax RateOregon
Worksheet WFHDCOregon Working Family Household and Dependent Care Credit WorksheetOregon
Form PA-VPayment VoucherPennsylvania
Form PA-40Pennsylvania Income Tax ReturnPennsylvania
Form PA-40ESPA Estimated Income Tax WorksheetPennsylvania
Form PA-8453Declaration for Electronic FilingPennsylvania
Form PA-8879PA e-file Signature AuthorizationPennsylvania
PA Schedule ATaxable Interest IncomePennsylvania
PA Schedule BTaxable Dividend Income and Capital Gains DistributionsPennsylvania
PA Schedule CProfit or Loss From Business or ProfessionPennsylvania
PA Schedule C-8Adjustment for Bonus DepreciationPennsylvania
PA Schedule C-9Adjustment for Deduction for Property Which is Fully Depreciated Sold or Otherwise DisposedPennsylvania
PA Schedule DSale, Exchange, or Disposition of PropertyPennsylvania
PA Schedule ERents, Royalties, Patents, and CopyrightsPennsylvania
PA Schedule FFarm Income and ExpensesPennsylvania
PA Schedule G-LCredit for Taxes Paid by PA Residents to Other StatesPennsylvania
PA Schedule JIncome from Estates or TrustsPennsylvania
PA Schedule OOther DeductionsPennsylvania
PA Schedule OCOther CreditsPennsylvania
PA Schedule SPSpecial Tax Forgiveness CreditPennsylvania
PA Schedule TGambling and Lottery WinningsPennsylvania
PA Schedule UEAllowable Employee Business ExpensesPennsylvania
PA Schedule W-2SWage Statement SummaryPennsylvania
PA REV-1630Underpayment of Estimated Tax by IndividualsPennsylvania
PA REV-276Application for Extension of Time to FilePennsylvania
PA REV-276VExtension Payment VoucherPennsylvania
Schedule PA-40XAmended Return SchedulePennsylvania
Local EITRTaxpayer Annual Local Earned Income Tax ReturnPennsylvania
Amended SupplementSupplement to Individual Income Tax ReturnRhode Island
RI-1040VPayment VoucherRhode Island
RI-1040Resident Individual Income Tax ReturnRhode Island
RI-1040C-VComposite Return Payment VoucherRhode Island
RI-1040HProperty Tax Relief ClaimRhode Island
RI-1040MUCredit for Income Taxes Paid to Other StatesRhode Island
RI-1040NRNonresident Individual Income Tax ReturnRhode Island
RI-1040NRMUCredit for Income Taxes Paid to Other StatesRhode Island
RI 1065-VPartnership Payment VoucherRhode Island
RI 1096-VPass-Through Withholding Payment VoucherRhode Island
RI 1120-VCorporation Tax VoucherRhode Island
Schedule EExemption Schedule for RI-1040 and RI-1040NRRhode Island
Schedule CROther RI CreditsRhode Island
Schedule MModifications to Federal AGIRhode Island
RI-2210Underpayment of Estimated Tax by IndividualsRhode Island
RI-4868Application for Automatic Extension of Time to File a Rhode Island Individual Income Tax ReturnRhode Island
RI-6238Residential Lead Abatement Income Tax Credit to formsRhode Island
RI-1040ESEstimated Rhode Island Income Tax WorksheetRhode Island
Schedule CR-PTOther RI CreditsRhode Island
Schedule UConsumer's Use TaxRhode Island
Schedule WW2 and 1099 InformationRhode Island
Form SC1040Individual Income Tax ReturnSouth Carolina
Form SC1040TCTax CreditsSouth Carolina
Schedule TC-35Alternative Motor Vehicle Tax CreditSouth Carolina
Schedule TC-60Earned Income Tax CreditSouth Carolina
Form I-319Tuition Tax CreditSouth Carolina
Form I-330Contributions For Check-OffsSouth Carolina
Form I-335 (A & B)Active Trade or Business Income Reduced Rate ComputationSouth Carolina
Form I-360Classroom Teacher Expenses CreditSouth Carolina
Schedule NRNonresident ScheduleSouth Carolina
Form SC1040ESIndividual Estimated Tax WorksheetSouth Carolina
Form SC2210Worksheet of Estimated Tax PaymentSouth Carolina
Form SC4868Request for Extension of Time to FileSouth Carolina
Form SC8453Individual Income Tax Declaration For Electronic FilingSouth Carolina
Form SC1040VIndividual Income Tax Payment VoucherSouth Carolina
Form SC1040XAmended Individual Income TaxSouth Carolina
INC-250Individual Tax ReturnTennessee
INC-251Application for Extension of Time to File - IndividualTennessee
INC-253Income Tax Payment VoucherTennessee
Form TC-40Individual Income Tax ReturnUtah
Form TC-40AIncome Tax Supplemental ScheduleUtah
Form TC-40BNon or Part-Year Resident Utah Income Tax LiabilityUtah
Form TC-40CRetirement Credit ScheduleUtah
Form TC-40SCredit for Taxes Paid to Another StateUtah
Form TC-40WUtah Withholding Tax ScheduleUtah
Form TC-40W Page 2Utah Mineral Production and Nonresident Shareholder WithholdingUtah
Form TC-546Prepayment CouponUtah
Form TC-547Payment VoucherUtah
Form TC-131Statement of Person Claiming Refund Due a Deceased TaxpayerUtah
Form IN-111Vermont Income Tax ReturnVermont
Form 8879VTIndividual Income Tax Declaration for Electronic FilingVermont
Form HS-122Homestead Declaration and Property Tax Adjustment ClaimVermont
Form IN-114Estimated Income Tax WorksheetVermont
Form IN-116Income Tax Payment VoucherVermont
Form IN-151Application for Extension of Time to File Income Tax ReturnVermont
Form IN-152Underpayment of Estimated Income TaxVermont
Form IN-152aUnderpayment of Estimated Income Tax - Annualized Income Installment MethodVermont
Form IN-153Capital Gains ExclusionVermont
Form PR-141Renter Rebate ClaimVermont
Form LC-142Landlord's CertificateVermont
Schedule HI-144Household IncomeVermont
Schedule IN-112VT Tax Adjustments and CreditsVermont
Schedule IN-117VT Credit for Income Tax Paid to Other State or Canadian ProvinceVermont
Schedule IN-119Tax Adjustments and Nonrefundable CreditsVermont
Form 760Virginia Individual Income Tax ReturnVirginia
Form 760-ADJAdditions and Subtractions to Federal Adjusted Gross IncomeVirginia
Form 760-ADJ Page 2Credit for Low Income Individuals or Virginia Earned Income CreditVirginia
Form 760CUnderpayment of Virginia Estimated TaxVirginia
Form 760ESEstimated Tax WorksheetVirginia
Form 760IPExtension Payment VoucherVirginia
Form 760-PFFPayment Coupon Farmer Fisherman Merchant SeamanVirginia
Form 760-PMTPayment CouponVirginia
Form 760PYPart-Year Individual Income Tax ReturnVirginia
Form 760PY ADJAdditions and Subtractions to Federal Adjusted Gross IncomeVirginia
Form 760PY ADJ Page 2Credit for Low Income Individuals or Virginia Earned Income CreditVirginia
Form 760PY Schedule of Income760PY Schedule of IncomeVirginia
Form 763Nonresident Individual Income Tax ReturnVirginia
Form 763 ADJAdditions and Subtractions to Federal Adjusted Gross IncomeVirginia
Form 763 ADJ Page 2Credit for Low Income Individuals or Virginia Earned Income CreditVirginia
Form 763-S - SpouseNonresident Claim for Tax WithheldVirginia
Form 763-S - TaxpayerNonresident Claim for Tax WithheldVirginia
Form 770-PMTFiduciary Payment CouponVirginia
Form 8453Declaration For Electronic FilingVirginia
Form 8453FDeclaration for E-Filing-FiduciaryVirginia
Form 8879Signature Authorization for E-FileVirginia
Form 8879FVA e-file Signature Authorization for CorporationsVirginia
Schedule AItemized DeductionsVirginia
Schedule ADJS (760)Supplemental Schedule for Additions, Subtractions & DeductionsVirginia
Schedule ADJS (760PY)Virginia Schedule PY ADJSVirginia
Schedule 502ADJSPass-Through Entity Supplemental Schedule of AdjustmentsVirginia
Schedule CR Pages 1-4Credit Computation ScheduleVirginia
Schedule CR Pages 5-7Credit Computation ScheduleVirginia
Schedule FEDFederal Schedule InformationVirginia
Schedule INCSchedule of Withholding and IncomeVirginia
Schedule OSCCredit for Tax Paid to Another StateVirginia
Schedule SVK-1 (502)Virginia Pass-Through Entity Supplemental Schedule of Owner’s Share of Virginia ModificationsVirginia
Schedule VACContributions ScheduleVirginia
Schedule VACSSupplemental Contributions Schedule College Savings PlanVirginia
Form 140WWithholding Tax ScheduleWest Virginia
Form IT-140West Virginia Income Tax ReturnWest Virginia
Form IT-140ESEstimated Income Tax PaymentsWest Virginia
Form IT-140EPVIndividual Electronic Filing Payment VoucherWest Virginia
Form IT-210West Virginia Underpayment of Estimated TaxWest Virginia
Schedule AIncome and AdjustmentsWest Virginia
Schedule BModifications to Federal S Corporation and Partnership IncomeWest Virginia
Schedule CSchedule A-3 and Schedule of Tax PaymentsWest Virginia
Schedule AFTC-1Alternative-Fuel Tax CreditWest Virginia
Schedule ECredit for Income Tax Paid to Another StateWest Virginia
Schedule FStatement of Claimant to Refund Due to Deceased TaxpayerWest Virginia
Schedule HCertification of Permanent and Total DisabilityWest Virginia
Schedule K-1Schedule of WV Partner/Shareholder/Member/Beneficiary Income, Loss, Modification, Credits, and WithholdingWest Virginia
Schedule LApplication for Extension of Time to FileWest Virginia
Schedule MModifications to Adjusted Gross IncomeWest Virginia
Schedule UTWest Virginia Purchaser's Use Tax ScheduleWest Virginia
Schedule 1 (120)Separate Entity Filer West Virginia Corporations Wholly in WVWest Virginia
Schedule 2 (120)Separate Entity Filer with Multistate ActivityWest Virginia
Form WV-8379Injured Spouse AllocationWest Virginia
Form WV-8453Individual Income Tax Declaration for Electronic FilingWest Virginia
E-File Mandate Opt-Out FormOpt-Out Form for Tax PractitionersWest Virginia
Amended Return InformationAmended Return InformationWest Virginia
Tax Credit Recap ScheduleCredit SummaryWest Virginia
Schedule FTC-1Family Tax Credit ScheduleWest Virginia
Schedule HEPTC-1Homestead Excess Property Tax CreditWest Virginia
Schedule SCTC-1Senior Citizen Tax CreditWest Virginia
Form 1Wisconsin Income TaxWisconsin
Form 1NPRNonresident & part-year residentWisconsin
Form 1-ESWisconsin Extension Payment VoucherWisconsin
Form A-1Apportionment Data for Single Factor FormulasWisconsin
Form A-2Apportionment Data for Multiple Factor FormulasWisconsin
Form 827Legal Residence (Domicile) QuestionnaireWisconsin
WI-1-ESEstimated Tax WorksheetWisconsin
Form EPVWisconsin Electronic Payment VoucherWisconsin
Form W-RARequired Attachments for Electronic FilingWisconsin
Form X-NOLCarryback of Wisconsin Net Operating Loss (NOL)Wisconsin
Rent CertificateRent CertificateWisconsin
Property Tax / Sale of HomeProperty Tax / Sale of Home InformationWisconsin
Schedule 1Itemized Deduction CreditWisconsin
Schedule 2Married Couple Credit When Both Spouses Are EmployedWisconsin
Schedule 2440WDisability Income ExclusionWisconsin
Schedule BDBusiness Development CreditWisconsin
Schedule CFCarryforward of Unused CreditsWisconsin
Schedule CGIncome Tax Deferral of Long-Term Capital GainWisconsin
Schedule CMCommunity Rehabilitation Program CreditWisconsin
Schedule CROther CreditsWisconsin
Schedule CSCollege Savings AccountsWisconsin
Schedule DCWisconsin Development Zones CreditWisconsin
Schedule DEDisregarded Entity ScheduleWisconsin
Schedule ECEnterprise Zone Jobs CreditWisconsin
Schedule EDWisconsin Economic Development Tax CreditWisconsin
Schedule FCFarmland Preservation Tax Credit ClaimWisconsin
Schedule FC-AFarmland Preservation CreditWisconsin
Schedule GLGain or Loss on the Sale of Your HomeWisconsin
Schedule HWisconsin Homestead Credit ClaimWisconsin
Schedule H ChecklistHomestead Credit Notes and Attachments ChecklistWisconsin
Schedule HRWisconsin Historic Rehabilitation CreditsWisconsin
Schedule IAdjustments to Convert Federal AGI and Itemized DeductionsWisconsin
Schedule JTWisconsin Jobs Tax CreditWisconsin
Schedule MForm 1NPR Additions and SubtractionsWisconsin
Schedule MA-AAgriculture CreditWisconsin
Schedule MA-MManufacturing CreditWisconsin
Schedule MIManufacturing Investment CreditWisconsin
Schedule MSManufacturer's Sales Tax Credit CarryforwardWisconsin
Schedule MTWisconsin Alternative Minimum TaxWisconsin
Schedule NOL 1Wisconsin Net Operating Loss DeductionWisconsin
Schedule NOL 2Wisconsin Modified Taxable Income and Net Operating Loss DeductionWisconsin
Schedule NOL 3Record of 2018 Wisconsin NOL Carryback and Carryforward of LossesWisconsin
Schedule OSCredit for Net Tax Paid to Another StateWisconsin
Schedule PSPrivate School TuitionWisconsin
Schedule RResearch CreditWisconsin
Schedule RTRelated Entity Expenses Disclosure StatementWisconsin
Schedule TTransitional AdjustmentsWisconsin
Schedule TCWisconsin Technology Zone CreditWisconsin
Schedule UUnderpayment of Estimated TaxWisconsin
Schedule VCWisconsin Venture Capital CreditWisconsin
Schedule WDCapital Gains and LossesWisconsin
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