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Forms & schedules
Form 20C
Corporation Income Tax Return
From 2220AL
Underpayment of Estimated Tax for Corporations
From 2848A
Power of Attorney and Declaration of Representative
From AL8453-C
Corporation/Partnership Income Tax Declaration for Electronic Filing
Form BIT-V
Business Income Tax Payment Voucher


Forms & schedules
Form 120
Arizona Corporation Income Tax Return
Form 120A
Arizona Corporation Income Tax Return (Short Form)
Form 120EXT
Application for Automatic Extension of Time to File Corporation Returns
Form 120W
Estimated Tax Worksheet for Corporations
Form 220
Underpayment of Estimated Tax by Corporations
Form 300
Nonrefundable Corporate Tax Credits and Recapture


Forms & schedules
Form 1100CT
Arkansas Corporation Income Tax Return
Form 1100BIC
Schedule of Tax Credits
From 1100CO
Schedule of Check-Off Contributions
Form 1100REC
Reconciliation Schedule
From 1155
Request for Extension of Time For Filing Income Tax Returns
Form 1100ESCT
Estimated Tax Worksheet


Forms & schedules
Form 100
California Corporation Franchiseor Income Tax Return
Form 100-ES
Corporation Estimated Tax
Schedule D-1
Sale of Business Property
Schedule P (100)
Alternative Minimum Tax and CreditLimitations
Schedule R
Apportionment and Allocation of Income
Form 3539 (CORP)
Payment for Automatic Extensionfor Corps and Exempt Orgs
Form 3565
Small Business Stock Questionnaire
Form 3805Q
NOL Computation and NOL and Disaster Loss Limitations
Form 3885
Corporation Depreciation andAmortization
Form 100
Use Tax Calculation Worksheet


Forms & schedules
Form 112
Colorado State C Corporation Income Tax Return
Form 112CR
Colorado Corporation Credit Schedule
Form 112EP
Corporate Estimated Tax Payment Voucher
Form DR 0158-C
Payment Voucher for Extension of Time for Filing a Colorado C Corporation Income Tax Return
Form DR 0205
Computation of Penalty Due Based on Underpayment of Estimated Tax
Schedule SF
Single Factor Apportionment Schedule


Forms & schedules
Form F-1120
Florida Corporate Income/Franchise Tax Return
Form F-1120-ES
Corporation Estimated Tax
Form F-2220
Underpayment of Estimated Tax
Form F-7004
Extension of Time to File
Form FL-2220
Underpayment Penalty Calculations Worksheet


Forms & schedules
Form 600
Georgia Corporation Tax Return
Form IT-303
Extension of Time to File
Form IT-552
Corporation Application for Tentative Carry-Back Adjustment
Form IT-560C
Automatic Extension Payment
Corporate Payment Voucher
Form GA4562
Depreciation and Amortization
Form 602-ES
Estimated Tax Worksheet


Forms & schedules
Form IL-1120
Illinois Corporation Income and Replacement Tax Return
Form IL-1120-ES
2010 Estimated Income Replacement Tax Payments forCorporations
Form IL-477
Replacement Tax Investment Credits
Form IL-505-B
Automatic Extension Payment
Form IL-2220
Computation of Penalties for Businesses
Form IL-4562
Special Depreciation
Schedule J
Foreign Dividends
Schedule M
Other Additions and Subtractions (for businesses)
Schedule NB
Nonbusiness Income
Schedule NLD
IllinoisNet Loss Deduction
Schedule 1299-D
Income Tax Credits (for corporations & fiduciaries)
Form IL-505-B
Tax Payment Worksheet


Forms & schedules
Form IT-20
Indiana Corporate Adjusted Gross Income Tax Return
Form IT-20NOL
Indiana Net Operating Loss Deduction
Form IT-2220
Penalty for Underpayment of Corporate Income Tax
Form E-6
Request for Indiana Corporate Estimated Quarterly Income Tax Returns
Schedule E
Apportionment of Income
Schedule F
Allocation of Non-business Income and Non-unitary Partnership Income
Form IT-20
Sales/Use Tax Calculation Worksheet


Forms & schedules
Form 1120
Iowa Corporation Income Tax Return (Long Form)
Form 1120A
Iowa Corporation Income Tax Return (Short Form)
Schedule F and G
Net Operating Loss and Alternative Minimum Tax Loss
From 1120ES
Estimated Tax Worksheet for Corporations
Form 1120V
Corporate Income Tax Voucher
Form 148
Tax Credits Schedule
From 2220
Underpayment of Estimated Tax by Corporations


Forms & schedules
Form K-120
Kansas Corporate Income Tax
Form K-120AS
Corporation Apportionment Schedule
Form K-120ES
Corporate Estimated Income Tax Voucher
Form K-120V
Corporate Income Tax Voucher
Form K-220
Underpayment of Estimated Corporate Tax
Schedule K-84
Kansas Technical and Community College Deferred Maintenance Credit (E-File Only)
Schedule K-85
University Deferred Maintenance Credit (E-File Only)
Form K-120
Other Additions to Federal Income
Form K-120
Non-business Income
Form K-220
Underpayment Penalty Calculation Worksheet
Form K-120
Subtractions from Federal Income


Forms & schedules
Form CIFT-620
Corporation Return
Form CIFT-620EXT
Corporate Extension Form
Form CIFT-620ES
Estimated Tax Worksheet
Form CFT-4
Corporation Franchise Tax Initial Return
Form R-6004
Corporation Tax Electronic Filing Payment Voucher


Forms & schedules
Form 500
Maryland Corporation Income Tax Return
Form 500CR
Business Income Tax Credits
Form 500D
Corporation Declaration of Estimated Income Tax
Form 500DM
Decoupling Modification
Form 500E
Application for Extension to File Corporation Income Tax Return
Form 500MC
Report of Maryland Multistate Manufacturing Corporation
Form 500UP
Underpayment of Estimated Income Tax by Corporations and Pass-Through Entities
Form EL101B
Maryland Income Tax Declaration for Business Electronic Filing


Forms & schedules
Form 355
Massachusetts Business or Manufacturing Corporation Excise Return
Form 355-ES
Corporation Estimated Tax Payment
Form 355-7004
Corporate Extension Worksheet
Schedule E-2
Loss Carryover Deduction
Schedule F
Income Apportionment
Schedule M-1
Federal Reconciliation
Schedule NIR
Net Income Reconciliation


Forms & schedules
Form M4
Minnesota Corporation Franchise Tax
Form M4A
Apportionment and Fee Calculation
Form M4I
Income Calculation
Form M4T
Tax Calculation
Alternative Minimum Tax – Calculation of Income
Alternative Minimum Tax – Calculation of Tax
Form EST
Additional Charge for Underpayment of Estimated Tax
Form DIV
Deduction for Dividends Received
Form NOL
Net Operating Loss Deduction
Form M18
Corporation Estimated Tax
Form PV41
Corporation Return Payment
Form PV80
Corporation Extension Payment


Forms & schedules
Form MO-1120
Missouri Corporation Income Tax Return
Form MO-1120ES
Declaration of Estimated Tax for Corporation Income Tax
Form MO-2220
Corporation Underpayment of Estimated Tax Schedules
Form MO-5090
Net Operating Loss Addition Modification Worksheet
Form MO-7004
Application For Extension of Time to File
Schedule MO-C
Missouri Dividends Deduction Schedule
Schedule MO-FT
Corporation Franchise Tax
Schedule MO-MS
Corporation Allocation and Apportionment of Income

New Jersey

Forms & schedules
Form CBT-100
New Jersey Corporation Business Tax Return
Form CBT-200-T
Tenative Return and Application for Extension of Time to File
Form CBT-100-V
Payment Voucher
Schedule A
Computation of Entire Net Income
Schedule A-2
Cost of Goods Sold
Schedule A-3
Summary of Tax Credit
Schedule A-4
Summary Schedule
Schedule A-GR
Computation of NJ Gross Receipts and Minimum Tax
Schedule AM
Alternative Minimum Assessment For C Corporations
Schedule B
Balance Sheet
Schedule C
Reconciliation of Income Per Books with Income Per Return
Schedule C-1
Analysis of Unappropriated Retained Earnings Per Books
Schedule E
General Information
Schedule F
Corporate Officers
Schedule G
Interest, Interest Expenses, and Intangible Expenses
Schedule H
Schedule of Taxes
Schedule J
Computation of Allocation Factor
Schedule P
Subsidiary Investment Analysis
Schedule P-1
Partnership Investment Analysis
Schedule PC
Per Capita Licensed Professional Fee
Schedule Q
Qualified Subchapter S Subsidiaries (QSSS)
Schedule R
Dividend Exclusion
Schedule S
Depreciation and Safe Harbor Leasing

New York

Forms & schedules
Form CT-3
New York General Business Corporation Franchise Tax Return
Form CT-3-ATT
Schedules B & C
Form CT-3M
General Business Corporation MTA Surcharge Return
Form CT-5
Request for Six-Month Extension to File
Form CT-399
Depreciation Adjustment Schedule
Form CT-400-MN
Estimated Tax for Corporations
Form TR-579-CT
NY Authorization for Electronic Funds Withdrawal for Form CT-3 or CT-3M
Form TR-579.1-CT
NY Authorization for Electronic Funds Withdrawal for Form CT-5
New York City Forms
General Corporation Tax Return (long form)
General Corporation Tax Return (short form)
General Corporation Tax Return (EZ form)
Declaration of Estimated Tax By General Corporations
Extension of Time to File
Net Operating Loss Deduction Computation – General Corporation Tax
Signature Authorization for E-Filed Corporation Tax Return Prepared by an Electronic Return Originator

North Carolina

Forms & schedules
Form CD-405
North Carolina C Corporation Tax Return
Form CD-419
Application for Extension (Franchise and Corporate IncomeTax)
Form CD-425
Corporate Tax Credit Summary
Form CD-429
Corporate Estimated Income Tax
Form CD-429B
Underpayment of Estimated Tax by C Corporations
Form CD-478
Summary of Tax Credits Limited to 50% of Tax
Form CD-478A
Tax Credit - Creating New Jobs
Form CD-478B
Tax Credit - Investing in Machinery and Equipment
Form CD-478E
Tax Credit - Investing in Central Office or AircraftFacility Property
Form CD-478G
Tax Credit - Investing in Renewable Energy Property
Form CD-478H
Tax Credit - Low Income Housing
Form CD-478I
Tax Credit - Research and Development
Form CD-478J
Tax Credit - Creating New Jobs
Form CD-478K
Tax Credit - Investing in Business Property
Form CD-478L
Tax Credit - Investing in Real Property
Article 3J
Article 3J Qualifying Information
Form CD-V
Franchise Tax and Corporate Income Tax Payment Vouchers
Form CD-479
North CarolinaAnnual Report for Corporations
Form CD-479A
Attachment for Additional Principal Officers


Forms & schedules
Form 512
Oklahoma Corporation Income Tax Return
Form 511CR
Other Credits Form
From 504
Application for Automatic Extension of Time to File Corporation Returns
From 561C
Capital Gain Deduction for Corporations
From OW-8-ESC
Estimated Tax Worksheet for Corporations and Trusts
Form OW-8-P
Underpayment of Estimated Tax Worksheet


Forms & schedules
Form RCT-101
PennsylvaniaCorporate Tax Report
Form RCT-103
Net Operating Loss Schedule
Form RCT-106
Apportionment Factors
Form REV-857
PA Estimated Tax Payment
Form REV-853
Annual Extension Request
Form REV-934
Schedule of Non-Business Income
Schedule C-2
PA Dividend Deduction Schedule
Schedule C-3
Adjustment for Bonus Depreciation
Schedule C-4
Adjustment for Disposition of Bonus Property
Schedule C-5
Schedule of Taxes
Schedule OA
Other Additions
Schedule OD
Other Deductions

South Carolina

Forms & schedules
Form SC1120
South Carolina 'C' Corporation Income Tax Return
Form SC1120-CDP
Corporation Declaration ofEstimated Income Tax
Form SC1120T
Tentative Corporation Tax Returnand Conditional Extension
Form SC1120TC
Corporate Tax Credits
Form SC2220
Underpayment of Estimated Tax byCorporations


Forms & schedules
Form 05-102
Texas Public Information Report
Form 05-158-A
Texas Franchise Tax Report – Long Form page 1
Form 05-158-B
Texas Franchise Tax Report – Long Form page 2
Form 05-160
Credits Summary Schedule
Form 05-163
Texas Franchise Tax Report- No Tax Due Information Report
Form 05-164
Extension Request
Form 05-169
Texas Franchise Tax Report - Ez-Computation Report
Form 05-170
Payment Form
Form 05-175
Tiered Partnership Report


Forms & schedules
Form TC-20
Utah Corporation Franchise or Income Tax Return
Schedule A
Utah Net Taxable Income and Tax
Schedule B
Additions to Unadjusted Income
Schedule C
Subtractions from Unadjusted Income
Schedule D
Utah Contributions Deduction
Schedule H
Nonbusiness Income Net of Expenses
Schedule J
Apportionment Schedule
Form TC-559
Corporation/Partnership Payment Coupon


Forms & schedules
Form 500
Virginia Corporation Income Tax Return
Schedule 500A
Multistate Corporation
Schedule 500ADJ
Schedule of Adjustments
Schedule 500CR
Credit Computation Schedule
Schedule 500FED
Schedule of Federal Line Items
Form 500C
Underpayment of VirginiaEstimated Tax by Corporations
Form 500CP
Virginia Automatic Extension Payment
Form 500ES
VirginiaEstimated Tax Declaration for Corporations
Form 500V
Virginia Corporation Income Tax Payment Voucher
Form VA-8453C
Virginia Corporation Income Tax Declaration for Electronic Filing
Form VA-8879C
Virginia Corporation Income Tax e-file Signature Authorization


Forms & schedules
Form 4
Wisconsin Corporation Franchise or Income Tax Return
Form 4A-1
Apportionment Data
Form 4BL
Net Business Loss Carryforward
Form 4N
Nonapportionment and SeparatelyApportioned Income
Form 4U
Underpayment of Estimated Tax by Corporations
Form 5
Wisconsin Corporation Franchise or Income Tax Return
Form 4-EPV
Wisconsin Corporation Electronic Payment Voucher
Schedule CR
Other Credits
Schedule DC
Development Zones Credits
Schedule DI
Dairy and Livestock Farm Investment Credit
Schedule DM
Dairy Manufacturing Facility Investment Credit
Schedule EB
Ethanol and Biodiesel Fuel Pump Credit
Schedule EC
Enterprise Zone Jobs Credit
Schedule ED
Economic Development Tax Credit
Schedule FC
Farmland Preservation Credit
Schedule FP
Film Production Credits
Schedule FT
Farmland Tax Relief Credit
Schedule HR
Historic Rehabilitation Credits
Schedule IE
Internet Equipment Credit
Schedule JC
Job Creation Deduction
Schedule MI
Manufacturing Investment Credit
Schedule MP
Meat Processing Facility Investment Credit
Schedule MS
Manufacturer's Sales Tax Credit
Schedule RT
Related Entity Expenses Disclosure Statement
Schedule TC
Technology Zone Credit
Schedule V
Additions to Federal Income
Schedule VC
Venture Capital Credits
Schedule W
Subtractions from Federal Income
Schedule Y
Subtraction Modification for Dividends
Form 4-ES
Corporation Estimated Tax

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