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TaxAct Offers All Filers Free Access to Tax Experts and Announces New Full-Service Solution

Filers can get personalized tax filing advice for free with TaxAct Xpert Assist or have a tax expert complete their return for them with TaxAct Xpert Full Service.

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa, January 5, 2022 – TaxAct®, a leading DIY tax preparation solution, today announced all DIY filers can now connect one-on-one with CPAs and other tax experts for free using TaxAct® Xpert Assist. No matter the complexity of their return, filers can tap into TaxAct’s network of professionals and get the filing assistance they need for no additional charge. Beginning in late January, filers can also choose to have a dedicated tax expert prepare and file their tax return for them with TaxAct® Xpert Full Service. Amidst a complicated tax year, TaxAct is committed to helping filers of all tax situations get the filing assistance they need to confidently complete their returns and get their maximum refunds.

TaxAct Xpert Assist Now FREE for All Filers

All DIY TaxAct customers can now use TaxAct Xpert Assist for free and get access to:

  • Unlimited, expert guidance: While completing their returns, filers can connect directly with a team of CPAs and other tax experts at a time that works best for them to get their questions answered. Filers can also share their screen for added convenience. Hours of operation initially include Monday through Friday and will increase to seven days a week in mid-January.

  • Expert return review: TaxAct customers can have a tax expert quickly review their 2021 return before they file. Even with a seamless filing process, having experts look over returns adds another layer of confidence, protects against errors, and helps filers maximize their refunds

“With multiple tax law changes over the past year, including the complexities of monthly Child Tax Credit payments and unemployment income, tax filers have a lot to navigate when it comes to their tax returns,” said Curtis Campbell, President of TaxAct. “At TaxAct, we are now offering our filers free, unlimited access to experts so they can easily get the guidance they need to file with confidence, knowing they’re getting back every dollar they deserve.”

TaxAct Xpert Full Service New This Year

Tax filers who prefer to have an expert complete their return for them can take advantage of a brand-new offering available later this month called TaxAct Xpert Full Service. Whether a filer’s taxes are simple or complex, TaxAct Xpert Full Service provides personalized attention from CPAs, EAs, and other tax experts from start to finish. After creating a return with TaxAct Xpert Full Service, filers are asked to securely upload their tax information and are matched with a tax expert who quickly starts completing their return. Before e-filing, the expert will review the return with the filer and answer any questions they may have. TaxAct Xpert Full Service is an easy way to file with peace of mind for minimal effort.

Enriched Tax Filing Assistance for Improved Financial Health

With a focus on providing filing assistance to everyone, TaxAct offers affordable products and services to help any filer successfully navigate the changes to their tax situation this season. Backed by an industry-leading $100k Accuracy Guarantee, TaxAct customers can rest assured they have the support needed to accurately file their returns and get their maximum refund. All of TaxAct’s 2021 digital and download tax preparation products are now available for filers to get started. “We aim to be a tax-filing partner for all Americans, regardless of profession, income level or tax situation—helping our customers get the most out of their hard-earned money,” said Curtis Campbell, TaxAct President. “This year, we’re providing many levels of filing support to meet our customers’ needs. Whether they can do it on their own, need a little assistance or want a professional to do it for them, TaxAct has a solution to help them accurately file their return while discovering new ways to leverage their tax situation and improve their financial well-being.”

About TaxAct®

TaxAct is a savvy, tax-filing solution that provides filers with affordable DIY tax software to successfully navigate the U.S. tax code. As a pioneer in the industry, TaxAct’s products enable all users – regardless of profession, tax bracket or complexity of their return – to quickly and accurately file their taxes all while discovering new ways to leverage their tax situation and improve their financial well-being. At TaxAct, taxes are our expertise, but we don’t see them as the end goal. Rather, we believe taxes are a stepping-stone to possibility. Possibilities that are unique as every filer. Possibilities that help each hardworking American not only claim the money they deserve but also enable them to make smart money decisions. We deliver the power of possibility through straightforward technology to help filers secure their best tax outcome and elevate their financial lives.

To learn more about TaxAct, a business of Blucora, Inc. (NASDAQ: BCOR), visit or connect with us on FacebookLinkedIn and  Twitter.

About Blucora®

Blucora, Inc. (NASDAQ: BCOR) is on the forefront of financial technology, pioneering tax-smart financial solutions that empower people's goals. Blucora operates in two segments including wealth management, through its Avantax Wealth Management business, the No. 1 tax-focused broker-dealer, with $76.2 billion in total client assets as of September 30, 2020, and tax preparation, through its TaxAct business, a market leader in tax preparation software with approximately 3 million consumer and professional users. With integrated tax and wealth management, Blucora is uniquely positioned to provide better long-term outcomes for customers with holistic, tax-advantaged solutions. For more information on Blucora, visit

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