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TaxACT Offers Taxpayers 50 Percent More IRS Forms for Free Than Its Competitors

Business owners, investors, landlords and all cost-conscious Americans can save time and money with TaxACT Free Edition.

Cedar Rapids, IA - (Marketwired - Jan. 30, 2014) - TaxACT®, the critically acclaimed leader of affordable tax solutions, is the only leading brand that includes all e-fileable IRS forms, allowing all taxpayers – regardless of return complexity – to file individual tax returns free. TaxACT Free Edition supports approximately 75 to 120 more IRS forms than other leading online brands. Based on prices listed on websites on January 30, 2014, others are charging $19.99 to $74.99 for products with the same IRS forms available for free with TaxACT.

TaxACT has been accepting 2013 federal and state e-filed returns since January 6 but will begin submitting all e-filed 2013 returns to the IRS tomorrow. Last year, the company submitted nearly 7 million e-filed individual returns that were accepted by the IRS, and almost 4.5 million returns accepted by states.

Among the IRS forms supported by TaxACT Free Edition but not in solutions by other top brands include:

  • Forms 1040 and 1040NR

  • Schedules C and SE, plus forms for self-employed, sole proprietors, partnerships, LLCs and corporations

  • Schedule D and Form 1099-B for investors

  • Schedule E for rental property owners

  • Schedule F for farmers

  • Form 1045 and schedules for net operating losses

See additional information below. For a complete list of forms in TaxACT Free Edition, visit

TaxACT is also the only leading brand that allows taxpayers to start, finish and e-file their returns from any device, anytime, anywhere. TaxACT Online, the tablet app and the new TaxACT Express smartphone app offer free federal filing and affordable state filing, from $7.99-$14.99. Other brands are currently charging $14.99 to $36.99 for state filing.

About TaxACT

TaxACT is the critically acclaimed leader of affordable digital and download tax preparation solutions for consumers, business owners and tax professionals. In the 2005 tax season, TaxACT became the first to offer free federal tax software and e-file to all U.S. taxpayers. Since 2000, TaxACT Online has assisted with more than 45 million e-filed federal returns. TaxACT is a business of Blucora, Inc. (NASDAQ: BCOR). Learn more about TaxACT at and

IRS Forms Comparison – TaxACT Online Free Edition, TurboTax® Online and H&R Block® Online

*Forms and prices published on websites as of 1/30/14.


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TaxACT Public Relations

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