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Spam Complaints

We at TaxAct believe the privacy and related rights of consumers are matters of great importance. This is precisely why we have a "ZERO Tolerance Policy" for Spam; and, we take every precaution possible to prevent unsolicited e-mail from being sent. Unfortunately, though we diligently screen advertising companies, affiliate networks and individual publishers, we realize that a few bad apples may on occasion fly under the radar and take it upon themselves to indulge in wrongful behavior. When this occurs, we believe that it blemishes our brand and we want to know so that we may take immediate action to resolve the issue. Whether it is an advertiser that we have contracted, an advertiser's affiliate, or a publisher that has registered to promote TaxAct directly with our company, rest assured, we enforce the wording in our advertising and affiliate contracts to the letter. If you believe that you have received an unsolicited promotion bearing reference to TaxAct, we encourage you to contact us. To track down the party responsible for sending the promotion, simply forward the entire e-mail that you received to The e-mail you received contains a tracking code that will help us to pinpoint the party responsible for sending the offer - giving us an opportunity to resolve the matter.

Affiliate Complaints

Are you a TaxAct Affiliate with a concern to report; and, are registered with a third party company? We value your feedback and want to hear form you. So that the affiliate network that you have registered with has an opportunity to address your concern(s), we highly recommend contacting that company first when seeking a resolution. If a resolution can not be reached, please contact us by sending an e-mail to Please remember to include important information such as the network for which you are registered, account manager's contact information, your name and contact information - including phone number and e-mail address.