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TaxAct Affiliate Program Overview

It's fast, it's easy, and its FREE!

TaxAct has contracted a third party company who has proven to be a specialist in performance-based marketing campaigns - Commission Junction. Commission Junction provides publishers with a dedicated support staff and their technology stands ready to serve you. TaxAct's purpose for outsourcing its publishers' program is to ensure that you have access to a wider selection of marketing creatives and real-time reporting tools that will benefit publishers by illustrating how to better maximize our advertising inventory.

TaxAct Provides Publishers with an Unique Advantage

TaxAct continues to be a value leader in the tax preparation industry and offers affordable filing solutions through - enabling U.S taxpayers the ability to get the best deal in tax.

Because we have listened to our customers and correctly interpreted key trends among do-it-yourself taxpayers for more than a decade, the popularity of TaxAct has flourished - gaining significant market share.

Publishers that participate in the TaxAct Affiliate Program enjoy benefits such as:

  • Direct Profit Potential

    The TaxAct incentive structure focuses on compensating publishers for the one thing they can control best - registrations. Please contact Commission Junction to discuss any questions you may have (including compensation) regarding the TaxAct Affiliate Program.

  • Indirect Profit Potential

    Leverage TaxAct to draw attention to other offers contained within your site and multiply profit opportunities.

  • Traffic Increases

    Leverage the common need to file an income tax return! TaxAct can help you maintain your site's traffic and attract new visitors during the busy tax season.

How Do I Earn Compensation?

TaxAct Affiliates benefit from a simplified incentive structure, which provides for a greater ability to generate revenue upfront. Under the management of Commission Junction, TaxAct is continuing to offer paid incentives based on the one thing you can control best - registrations!

After clicking on the TaxAct tracking link(s) embedded within your website, those of your site's referrals that register to access our software or place an order, will earn you revenue based on the number of unique user registrations your site is able to acquire.

More information regarding the Affiliate Compensation Structure will be provided to qualified TaxAct Affiliates via the Commission Junction's Registration Process. Interested publishers are welcome to register directly with Commission Junction.

Registration is EASY!

To qualify as a TaxAct Affiliate, you will need to:

  1. Complete a Registration Form with Commission Junction This form represents your request to join their Affiliate Network. (There are no application or membership fees to join Commission Junction's marketing network or TaxAct's Affiliate Program.) Note: You must receive confirmation that you have been accepted into Commission Junction's Marketing Network before you can initiate enrollment in the TaxAct Affiliate Program.

  2. Review Commission Junction's Affiliate Network Agreement Terms and Conditions, and TaxAct's Program Terms.

  3. Apply to Program.

How will I know that my application has been accepted?

Commission Junction manages the daily functions of the TaxAct Affiliate Program. Once your Affiliate Application has been submitted and Commission Junction has determined your approval status, Commission Junction shall send you a welcome e-mail with details outlining how you can register as a TaxAct Affiliate and access the tools that you will need to start making money by promoting TaxAct from your website.

Join Today!

Leverage TaxAct's built-in user incentives and achieve your goals! Join the TaxAct Affiliate Program today. It's fast, easy and 100% free.

Commission Junction's Affiliate Application page