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Importing tips:

  • 2023 TaxAct Desktop users (for all of our desktop programs) can import a prior year return that was created with any 2022 TaxAct Desktop program.
  • You can import any file with extension ".ta2"
  • If you filed with a different program last year, you can import a PDF of your 1040 return. If you import a PDF, it needs to be a return, and not a return summary.
  • When you import a return, it will overwrite any data you previously entered in the return, and you will only have the data from the imported return. You need to import before entering data in the return.

Importing steps:

  1. From within your 2023 TaxAct Desktop program, click File in the upper menu bar, hover your mouse over Import, then click Import TaxAct 2022 Return or Prior Year PDF Data.
  2. Continue with the on-screen steps to complete the importing process for your prior year return.

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