Add ProtectionPlus Audit Defense

To add ProtectionPlus Audit Defense (Online Edition only):

  1. From within your TaxAct return, click My Return down the left to expand, then click My Return Details.
  2. Under Payment Information, click the My Return Fees link, then click Pay Now.
  3. Under Don't Forget, click Add to Order.
  4. On the screen titled Order Summary, you will see the Audit Defense product listed.
  5. Click Enter Payment Info to finish your purchases.

Audit Defense is available for the tax year through the extension deadline (typically October 15th). You can purchase Audit Defense anytime before that date, whether you have already filed or not. 

If you have billing questions, please call us at 319-373-3600. For assistance regarding your ProtectionPlus membership, call 866-942-8348.

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