EFIN Verification

In order to comply with IRS efforts to prevent fraud and identity theft, TaxAct Professionals must submit a copy of their IRS e-file Application Summary to TaxAct. This one-time verification process needs to be completed for each EFIN used in your organization. For step-by-step directions on printing the e-file Application Summary, see Access or Print the Application Summary from IRS e-Services.

To submit your EFIN documentation for verification:

  1. Sign into your TaxAct account.
  2. Click the Practice Administration tile.
  3. Click EFIN Verification to expand.
  4. Enter your EFIN and the Tracking Number found at the bottom of your IRS e-file Application Summary.  
  5. Click Choose File to locate and attach your IRS e-file Application Summary in PDF or image format (please ensure that you submit your complete summary, ending with the Tracking Number).
  6. Check the box to indicate you are authorized to submit this information and click Submit.
  7. We will notify you via email if your EFIN information is verified or rejected and the reason for the latter.

We appreciate your cooperation in complying with the IRS. Please contact us at EFINcertificate@TaxAct.com with any questions you may have.

If you don't already have an EFIN, apply today using the IRS's e-Services – Online Tools for Tax Professionals. Learn more about becoming an authorized e-file provider and apply for an EFIN online.