CSV Import with Wash Sales

Due to IRS reporting rules, wash sale transactions are no longer reported as two separate transactions. Previously the entire loss would be reported as one transaction. You would then report a second transaction to offset any wash sale loss disallowed. The IRS requires an adjustment code and adjustment amount to be entered in order to indicate a transaction is a wash sale. Wash sale transactions will no longer be reported on two separate transaction lines.

The CSV file you generated may not report the wash sale transaction information in the correct format based upon the IRS changes. Therefore, you may need to adjust the CSV file accordingly.  The wash sale adjustment is reported on a separate line. This information will need to be combined with the corresponding loss transaction and reported on one line.

  1. Determine the transactions to which the wash sale adjustments apply. Any wash sale adjustment will apply to a loss transaction reported on the same day with the same description. For full wash sale transactions, the amount of the wash sale adjustment will match the loss amount for the other transaction. In the case of partial wash sale transactions, you will need to match these amounts based upon the close date or date sold.
  2. Add two columns to your CSV file: Wash Sale and Adjustment Amount. After you determine which transaction the wash sale adjustment applies to, you will indicate that transaction as a wash sale by entering "Yes" in the Wash Sale column. You will then enter the amount of the wash sale adjustment in the Adjustment Amount column. Then you will delete the line listing the wash sale adjustment amount.
  3. During the CSV import process, you will be able to match these new column headings. When you match the Wash Sale and Adjustment Amount columns during the import process, the TaxAct program will automatically add the adjustment code (W) and adjustment amount when reporting this transaction on Form 8949 Sales and Other Dispositions of Capital Assets per the IRS instructions.

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