Professional Editions - Adding or Deleting State Returns

To add or remove a state return from a client return:

  1. From within your TaxAct Professional Edition program, on the Client Manager screen, double-click the client you want to edit.
  2. Click Return in the upper menu bar, hover your mouse over State, then click Add/Remove State...
  3. To add a state, click the checkbox next to the state(s) you want to add (to check the box).
  4. To delete state return(s), click the checkbox next to the state(s) you wish to remove (to uncheck the box).
  5. Click OK.

To control whether selected states will be automatically attached to new or imported returns:

  1. Click Preparer in the upper menu bar, then click Preferences.
  2. Click Miscellaneous, then scroll down to the Miscellaneous section
  3. Click the checkbox next to Automatically attach selected states with new or imported returns (when a check appears in the checkbox, it is selected, and when the checkbox is empty, it is not selected).
  4. If you check the checkbox, you can click Select States... and click the checkbox next to the states you want to have automatically attached to new and imported returns, then click Save and Close.
  5. Click Save and Exit.