New Audit Protection Service Available for Tax Year 2015

By Lisa Rhatigan

New Audit Protection Service Available for Tax Year 2015 – TaxAct Professional

Getting an audit notification from the IRS can be unsettling for your client. As you know, that can also be the beginning of a long period of wasted time for you. The IRS sent out more than 5 million automated audits last year, and only 37 percent of the calls made to the IRS between January and April 2015 were answered. The average wait time for those who got through was 23 minutes, but 8.8 million calls were automatically disconnected due to high call volume (IRS news release, July 15 2015).

This year, TaxAct is partnering with Protection Plus to offer you and your clients professional audit and inquiry assistance services. With Protection Plus Audit Assistance, you'll be relieved of working with the IRS and you and your clients will have peace of mind. By letting Protection Plus do what they do best, you can spend more valuable time advising your clients while still remaining confident that they are being expertly assisted.

Protection Plus includes:

  • Assistance with a range of audit issues, including Schedules A, C, and E and denied credits
  • Tax debt Relief
  • $2,500 tax preparer guarantee (not available in SD, TN, WY or Puerto Rico)
  • ID Theft Assistance with 24/7 access to experienced privacy advocates
  • Increased revenue opportunity
  • Seamless software integration

You will have the opportunity to add Protection Plus Audit Assistance for each client during the e-filing steps in TaxAct Preparer's Editions. If you are not using a refund transfer, you won't pay anything at that time – you will be invoiced later directly from Protection Plus. If you are using a refund transfer from Republic Bank, the fee for Protection Plus will be deducted from your client's refund along with all other fees.

In order to offer Protection Plus Audit Assistance to your clients, you need to pre-enroll with Protection Plus. Register now so you're ready to offer this valuable service to your clients as soon as you start e-filing returns.

To learn more about the benefits Protection Plus provides and how to market it to your clients, Protection Plus offers a free training webinar for TaxAct Professionals. Register to attend a webinar here.

About Lisa Rhatigan

Lisa is Vice President of Business-to-Business Marketing at TaxAct. Prior to joining TaxAct, Lisa was a principal in a business development consulting firm that helped CPA firms and other professional service firms grow their businesses.