Useful Tax Articles

Adding Preparers and Keeping Your Information Secure

Don't put your clients’ information, you or your firm's reputation at risk. When you utilize the preparer invitation process, it gives you more control, added record security and shows actual user accountability.

Do You Need a PTIN, an EFIN or Both?

When you prepare federal tax returns, you have to understand and follow through with the rules placed by the Internal Revenue Service. Learn the differences between these two IRS-issued numbers and make sure you and your firm are ready for tax season.

Tips & Reminders to Prepare You for Tax Season

From Client Manager to alerts and reminders, our scalable software solution has been created to help make your job easier. In addition, here are a few tips to help make this year your best tax season ever!

Tax year 2017 State Filing Requirements and 1099-MISC Deadlines

Whether your clients received royalties, unconventional income or won the lotto, these deadlines are critical for your clients. Mark your calendar and set reminders now so you don't miss any important dates when preparing and filing documents for your clients.