TaxACT is accepting e-filed returns now! TaxACT is the fastest path to your guaranteed maximum federal refund with e-file and direct deposit.

E-file with TaxACT in January and be first in line when the IRS starts accepting e-files on Jan. 20. Based on IRS Refund Guidance, your refund for a return e-filed on or before 1/20/2014 could be direct deposited in your account early February.

Reasons to file your taxes now:

  1. TaxACT is accepting e-filed returns. TaxACT is up-to-date with all of the latest tax law changes.
  2. Get your guaranteed maximum refund the fastest way possible. The fastest path to your IRS refund is to file your taxes now using TaxACT's free e-file and choose direct deposit. We will hold your return and automatically e-file starting on January 20th.
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  4. Step-by-step help from the experts. TaxACT provides instant, personalized help every step of the way in the enhanced Answer Center, online at and with Audit Assistant. You can also email tax and audit questions to TaxPayer Support Specialists for free answers.
  5. Free means free. All Americans, regardless of their income or the complexity of their returns, can prepare, print and e-file their 2014 federal taxes through the web or download version of TaxACT Free Federal Edition.