Preparers who use the Prepaid Electronic Filing option must supply an EFIN and Password when filing returns.

To enter your EFIN and Password for your prepaid efiling:

  1. In the Preparer's Program, select Preparer from the menu bar
  2. Place your mouse over Master Information and click Preparers
  3. Click on the preparer's name, then click Edit
  4. Click the Electronic Filing Info tab. Make sure to enter your "EFIN and Password" - this is for your prepaid filing and to check the status of your client's returns online.

The EFIN and Password used to submit a return will need to remain the same in order to check the status of those returns. If you change your EFIN Password you will effectively create multiple separate lists of client status messages. You will have to supply all EFIN password combinations used during the year to view the status messages of all your submitted returns.

Note: Your Password is what you supplied us at the time you purchased your prepaid e-filing. If you have forgotten this Password we can email it to you. Please fill out a Customer Service Request form and include the following in the text of your request:

  • Your Name
  • Full Address on TaxACT account
  • Telephone Number
  • E-mail Address
  • Your EFIN

Once we receive this information, we can confirm your account and provide you with the Password to your prepaid e-filing.

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