TaxACT has partnered with Tax Audit Defense to offer full-service audit representation in the unlikely event your tax return may be audited. 

Tax Audit Defense is only $39.99* and covers you for as long as your return can be audited - state and amended returns included.

If you receive an audit notice from the IRS or state income tax agency, Tax Audit Defense will guide you through the audit process, no matter how long it takes. Tax Audit Defense handles all audit correspondence, so you won't have to communicate or meet directly with the IRS or state agency. Tax Audit Defense will also negotiate with agencies on your behalf to minimize any financial impact the audit may have. All of this protection is provided for as long as your return can be audited (generally three years for a federal return and four years for a state return).

To activate your Tax Audit Defense Membership Plan, you will receive an email with a voucher number to enter at For assistance regarding your Tax Audit Defense membership, see TAD Customer Service, or call 1-800-410-2425. For assistance with your voucher number, email TaxACT Service & Support or call 319-739-0171.

For general audit information, see TaxACT's Audit Assistant

*$39.99 TAD fee does not include any applicable TaxACT fees. Price will increase after the tax filing deadline.

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