Most people only think about their taxes once a year. Spending a few extra minutes now could help you save big money next year and beyond.

TaxAct Tax Calculator

TaxAct's Tax Calculator gives you the ability to see how different scenarios will affect your taxes from now up to 3 years into the future, without adjusting your actual numbers. For instance:

  • Will capital gains from a stock sale push you into a new tax bracket?
  • What kind of tax breaks will you see when your high school senior goes off to college?
  • How will additional contributions to your retirement plan affect your tax return?

TaxWatch 2015

TaxAct's TaxWatch will put you on a path to lower your taxes throughout the year. TaxWatch analyzes your unique tax situation and creates a plan to lower next year's tax bill.

"Where Does Your Tax Money Go", a component of TaxWatch, shows you how your tax dollars are spent each year.