Steer clear of problems with TaxAct Alerts

Steer clear of problems. Alerts inspect your return for any errors, omissions, and valuable tax-saving opportunities you may have missed.

100% Accuracy Guarantee

We guarantee the accuracy of your free Federal return or we'll pay any penalty and interest you incur.

Find discrepancies with Prior Year Comparison report

Find possible errors resulting from incorrect entries or overlooked info by comparing your return to last year's data.

Audit Assistant is here to help

TaxAct Audit Assistant guides you through the process if you happen to be audited by the IRS.

Review tools and reports

Depreciation and Disposal Summaries

If you own business property, then you know year-to-year depreciation can lead to a pretty hefty deduction on your federal tax return. Don't miss any valuable deductions! TaxAct's Depreciation and Disposal Summaries make reviewing your current and future assets fast and easy.

Capital Gains Summary

Capital gains can be confusing, especially as your portfolio grows, and keeping track of all your transactions can be pretty taxing. TaxAct's Capital Gains Summary makes comparing your brokerage statement to your tax return fast and easy. Never miss a stock transaction again!

National Averages Comparison

How do you compare to the average taxpayer? Well, with TaxAct National Averages Comparison, now you can find out. Find potential opportunities for additional tax savings and make sure you're not missing out on any credits and deductions!

Married Filing Joint vs. Separate Report

Are you preparing a 'married filing joint' return? You may not be getting the biggest refund possible. TaxAct's Married Filing Joint vs. Separate Report analyzes your return & tells you if filing separate would give you the biggest tax savings.

TaxWatch 2015

Most people only think about their taxes once a year. TaxAct's TaxWatch will put you on a path to lower your taxes throughout the year. TaxWatch analyzes your unique tax situation and creates a plan to lower next year's tax bill. Don't let next year's bigger refund slip through your fingers!