The My Forms section lists all the Forms, Schedules, and Documents used in the process of completing your tax return. These include:

  • In-progress Forms and Schedules that will be filed with your return
  • Required Forms and Schedules that are used in the calculation of your return
  • Forms and Schedules that have data present but aren't necessary for the calculation of your return
  • Documents you received (W-2s, 1099s, etc)

The My Forms section will update as you move through your return, adding new Forms & Schedules and noting multiple copies of Documents entered.

How To Use My Forms

Gain insight into your return, quickly add copies of needed Documents, view your in-progress Forms... how you use the My Forms section is up to you. The My Forms section provides a personalized view of the make-up for your return.

The My Forms list is split into two categories; Federal Forms and Federal Documents Received. If you have State return(s), additional categories will be listed for each State.

As you move through the TaxACT interview process, the current form for which you are entering data will be highlighted in yellow.

Certain Forms and Documents allow you to enter multiple copies. Those Forms and Documents will show a count of how many copies you have entered. A '+' icon will take you where you need to go to enter additional copies.

As you hover your mouse over the forms, additional icons will appear. These will take you to Form Instructions specific to each Form, and a PDF copy of the actual Form with your data.