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We have you covered! Other free online tax software only lets you prepare simple returns, but TaxACT supports 1040, 1040A, & 1040EZ and includes all e-fileable IRS forms for all filing statuses & life situations.

See what TaxACT Free Edition supports and others don't:

Covers All Filing Statuses & Life Situations Other free tax software TaxACT Free Edition
Independent Contractors Yes
Freelancers & Consultants Yes
Small Business Owners Yes
Sole Proprietors Yes
Investors of Stocks, Bonds, or Mutual Funds Yes
Farmers & Equine Operators Yes
Rental Property Owners Yes
More Forms to Calculate More Credits & Deductions Other free tax software TaxACT Free Edition
Investment Credit (3468) Yes
General Business Credit (3800) Yes
Credit for Tax Paid on Fuels (4136) Yes
Work Opportunity Credit (5884) Yes
Alcohol & Cellulosic BioFuel Credit (6478) Yes
Credit for Increasing Research Activities (6765) Yes
Low-Income Housing Credit (8586) Yes
Orphan Drug Credit (8820) Yes
Disabled Access Credit (8826) Yes
Renewable Electricity, Refined & Indian Coal Production Credit (8835) Yes
Empowerment Zone and Renewal Community Employment Credit (8844) Yes
Indian Employment Credit (8845) Yes
Credit for Employer Social Security & Medicare Taxes Paid on Certain Employee Tips (8846) Yes
Biodiesel and Renewable Diesel Fuels Credit (8864) Yes
New Markets Credit (8874) Yes
Credit for Employer-Provided Childcare Facilities & Services (8882) Yes
Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel Production Credit (8896) Yes
Qualified Railroad Track Maintenance Credit (8900) Yes
Distilled Spirits Credit (8906) Yes
Nonconventional Source Fuel Credit (8907) Yes
Energy Efficient Home Credit (8908) Yes
Energy Efficient Appliance Credit (8909) Yes
Alternative Fuel Vehicle Refueling Property Credit (8911) Yes
Credit to Holders of Tax Credit Bonds (8912) Yes
Agricultural Chemicals Security Credit (8931) Yes
Credit for Employer Differential Wage Payments (8932) Yes
Carbon Dioxide Sequestration Credit (8933) Yes