TaxACT® Accuracy Guarantee

Rest assured the calculations in TaxACT are correct!

100% Accuracy Guarantee

TaxACT Free Edition, Deluxe, and State Editions include a 100% Accuracy Guarantee. If you are assessed a penalty due to a calculation error in TaxACT Free Edition, Deluxe or State, we'll pay the penalty and interest. See details on the guarantee below.

2nd Story Software® guarantees the accuracy of its calculations in the Free Edition, Deluxe and State Editions of TaxACT only. If the IRS assesses a penalty due to a calculation error generated by TaxACT Free Edition, Deluxe or State on the Consumer's tax form, 2nd Story Software will reimburse Consumer the amount of the penalty and interest attributed to the calculation error. This remedy is limited to Consumer's personal return and does not apply if Consumer uses TaxACT to prepare returns for persons or entities other than Consumer. This guarantee and warranty does not apply if Consumer overrides amounts within any tax return.

The ultimate responsibility for any tax returns prepared using TaxACT software remains with Consumer. This Guarantee does not apply to, and 2nd Story Software has no responsibility or liability for, Consumer's failure to enter all required information accurately, Consumer's willful or fraudulent omission or inclusion of information on a tax return, Consumer's wrongful classification or description of information on a tax return, or Consumer's failure to file a timely tax return.

If Consumer believes he or she is entitled to the reimbursement described herein, Consumer must provide written notice to 2nd Story Software, Inc., within 30 days of the IRS/State Agency imposing a penalty at 1425 60th Street NE, Suite 300, Cedar Rapids, IA 52402. The Consumer must include a paper copy and a data file copy of the TaxACT return, a copy of the penalty notification from the IRS and any other pertinent data that may be requested in order to determine if the penalty was indeed due to a calculation error in TaxACT Free Edition, Deluxe or State. Note: If you used TaxACT Online, the data file is not required.