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See Previous Year TaxAct Products for a list of available Online and Desktop programs for previous years.

NOTE: TaxAct does not provide archived copies of returns filed through the TaxAct Desktop or TaxAct Desktop Professional Editions. If you no longer have access to your saved return file, you can receive a copy of a successfully filed return from the IRS by calling 800-829-1040 or check Tax Topic 156 on the IRS website.

If you were a prior year TaxAct Online user and did not finish your prior year return, or if you need to start a new return for a previous tax year, you can still prepare and print your return using our TaxAct Online service.

To access an existing return, you need to know the tax year, username, and password that you set up for your account at the time of registration. Go to Access Prior Year Returns and select the year you wish to access to start a new return or sign-in to an existing return.

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