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See Previous Year TaxAct Products for a list of available Online and Desktop programs for previous years.

If you were a prior year TaxAct Online user and did not finish your prior year return, or if you need to start a new return for a previous tax year, you can still prepare and print your return using our TaxAct Online service.

To access an existing return, you need to know the tax year, username, and password that you set up for your account at the time of registration. Go to Access Prior Year Returns and select the year you wish to access to start a new return or sign-in to an existing return.

If you are trying to gain access to your existing prior year TaxAct Online account after October 31st, there will be a nominal one-time Data Archive Service (DAS) fee the first time you log back in to access your tax return. This fee is included in the charge if you are starting a new TaxAct Online return after October 31st.

Data Archive Service (DAS) allows you to:

  • Create a New Return
  • Finish an Existing Return
  • Amend a Return
  • Review your Return
  • Plan for Next Year
  • Print a backup copy of your Return for your records
  • Access your return up to 3 years (Example: 2015 TaxAct Online return due April 18, 2016 remains available through April 30, 2019)


Data Archive Service gives you peace of mind, knowing that your prior year tax return is secure and easily accessible to you for up to three years.


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