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TaxAct Consumer Editions are available for both Online (Over-the-Web) and Desktop (Download). We offer a number of programs and packages to fit everyone's tax filing needs. From the product pages below, you can click either Online or Download at the top of each product page (if applicable) to get the proper description of each product for each format.

TaxAct Online Editions

The over-the-web version allows you to add multiple returns to your account; therefore, a whole family can access their returns from the same account. You will access the account and return(s) from the internet. When using the over-the-web versions, you are charged a preparation fee for the product selected at the time of printing, e-filing, or viewing a PDF copy of the return. If the product you have chosen does not fit your needs, you may be asked to upgrade. There is no additional cost to print or e-file when using the over-the-web version.

Our available Online Edition packages* for preparing your personal return(s) are:

TaxAct Desktop/Download Editions

The Download version allows for multiple returns to be prepared and up to five federal returns can be electronically filed. This program is downloaded/installed on to the hard drive of the computer being used. One 1040 State Edition is included with Desktop/Download Deluxe, Premier, and Self Employed Editions. State programs must be purchased at an additional cost with the Desktop/Download Basic Edition. 

Our available Desktop/Download packages* for preparing your personal return(s) are:

TaxAct Business Editions

Our available packages* for preparing a business return are:

We also offer a program* for preparing an Estates & Trusts Return:

*The Online version is linked. You will need to click Download at the top of the product pages to view the pricing and features for that version.

**The Free Edition is only available online.

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