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Where is my AGI located on last year's return?

The AGI you should use to sign your 2018 return can be found on the following lines of your 2017 return (round this amount to the nearest whole dollar):

  • Form 1040, Line 38
  • Form 1040A, Line 21 
  • Form 1040EZ, Line 4

If you used TaxAct to file your return last year, you can retrieve your AGI by following these steps:

  1. Sign into your TaxAct account here.
  2. Open the prior year return you need to retrieve the AGI from.
  3. Click Federal.
  4. Click Summary.
  5. The Adjusted Gross Income will be listed as the third item down.

How do I get my original AGI if I cannot locate my last year's return?

To retrieve your original AGI from your previous year's tax return (or from the original return if you filed an amended return) you may do one of the following:

  • Contact the IRS toll free at 1-800-829-1040
  • Complete Form 4506-T Transcript of Electronic Filing at no cost
  • Complete Form 4506 Copy of Income tax Return

What do I use for my original AGI if my filing status has changed from last year?

If your filing status changed from the previous year to "Married Filing Joint", then each taxpayer will use their individual original AGI from their respective prior year tax returns.

If the change is from "Married Filing Joint", then both taxpayers will use the same original AGI from the prior year's joint tax return.

What do I use for my original AGI if I did not file a return with the IRS last year?

If you have never filed before, or if you filed last year using an ITIN and you have a Social Security Number this year, choose I am a first-time filer or I did NOT file a 2017 tax return on the prior year information screen.

If you are married filing jointly and only one spouse filed last year, enter the prior year AGI for that spouse and zero (0) for the spouse who has never filed before.

What if I filed an amended return last year?

If you filed Form 1040X to amend your return last year, be sure to use the AGI amount from the originally-filed return. Do NOT use the amount from the amended return.

I imported last year's information - how can my AGI be wrong?

This can happen if you made any changes to your return after e-filing last year, but before importing this year. If that situation applies to you, follow these steps:

  1. Obtain the correct 2017 AGI amount from the copy of your 2017 return saved at the time you e-filed
  2. Enter that amount in your 2018 return filing steps for the prior-year AGI amount.

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