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Please follow the instructions below to submit a copy of your IRS e-file Application Summary (with your EFIN and tracking number) for verification.

Note. If you have multiple offices, each location must have a unique EFIN verified. 

To submit your EFIN documentation for verification

  1. Sign in to your TaxAct Account.
  2. Click the Practice Administration tile. 
  3. Click EFIN Verification to expand.
  4. Enter your EFIN and the Tracking Number found at the bottom of your IRS e-file Application Summary.
  5. Click Choose File to locate and attach your IRS e-file Application Summary. (PDF is preferred, but .jpg, .bmp and .png files are also accepted.)
  6. Check the box to indicate you are authorized to submit this information and click Submit.
  7. We will notify you via email if your EFIN information is rejected for any reason, and your verification status will be available in your TaxAct Account by January 8, 2019. EFINs submitted after January 9 will be reviewed within 2 business days.

After submission, you can check your verification status at any time in your TaxAct Account. We will notify you via email if your EFIN is rejected for any reason. Please refer to these FAQs or contact our support experts at or 319.731.2682 if you need assistance.

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