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LegalACT allows you to quickly and easily create a Last Will and Testament without the hassle or excessive cost of going to a lawyer. 

If you choose to purchase a LegalACT Will in TaxACT, you will receive a confirmation email containing a voucher code to use at If you e-filed your return, you can also find your voucher code using TaxACT's E-filing Center.

To complete your Last Will and Testament, simply go to and follow the steps provided. 

For help completing your will, click FAQ at the top of the LegalAct homepage. You will need to consult a legal expert if you have more specific legal questions. 

For questions regarding your voucher code, pricing, billing, or the LegalACT website, please complete an email support form or call (319) 739-0117. Please note that we cannot provide legal advice or help you complete your will.

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