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Version 1.0 of TaxAct 2017 Professional Federal Editions Read More

This update to the TaxAct 2017 Professional Federal Editions includes:

  • Print and e-filing are now available
    • Keep in mind, not all federal forms are finalized yet, so not all returns can be filed.
    • The IRS won’t be processing e-filed returns until mid-January (Date: TBA), so you won’t yet see a status on pending returns.
  • We’ve enhanced the Side-by-Side year-over-year comparison base on your feedback:
    • Once you’ve selected a 2016 return, that return will remain available the next time you view that comparison feature (even after closing the return).
    • If you imported your last year TaxAct returns, we’ll select the file for 2016 automatically for those clients.
  • We’ve added a new column to Client Manager for showing the “locked” status of returns. If you previously installed TaxAct 2017, you will need to add this new column to your Client Manager.
  • For MN state preparers, we added a “Preparer Type” you’ll want to select in Master Information, as this is required on MN returns. That selection will flow automatically to all your MN returns, so you won’t have to make the selection on each return.


Version .93 of TaxAct 2017 Professional Federal Editions Read More

This update to the TaxAct 2017 Professional Federal Editions includes:

  • Added NEW Locked Returns feature so that returns can be locked for editing
    • Users can now set a preference to "Automatically lock returns after E-filing" but you will need to check this for it to take effect.
      Automatically lock returns after E-filing
    • You can also manually lock/unlock returns from Client Manager through the right click menu – even holding CTRL or SHIFT keys to select multiple returns to lock/unlock at once.
      Lock return(s)
  • Fixed an issue where names weren’t appearing properly when printing labels
  • Our new Notes feature has some enhancements:
    • You can now sort by column headers
    • The format for the dates was changed to month day, year
    • A character count was added so you can see how much room you have left in your note


Version .92 of TaxAct 2017 Professional Federal Editions Read More

This update to the TaxAct 2017 Professional Federal Editions includes:

  • We added a checkbox in Preparer Preferences for "Print in Duplex" to have your printed tax documents default to printing on both sides of the paper (assuming this is supported by your printer).
    Print in Duplex
    NOTE: Colorado state is requesting that separate forms are printed independently of one another - so a new form won't start on the back of the previous form when printing duplex.
  • Fixed an issue where Document Manager was slow or unresponsive after a period of time.


Version .91 of TaxAct 2017 Professional Federal Editions Read More

This update to the TaxAct 2017 Professional Federal Editions includes a major update to our Notes feature:

  • Notes are now accessible from Client Manager (same location as previous years) and additionally from within the client return
  • To access through Client Manager, you'll right click on the client name and select "Edit Client Notes" from the menu
    Edit Client Notes
  • When accessing from Client Manager, the focus will remain on the notes until you close the window.
  • To access Notes through the return, we added a new "Notes" button to the tool bar. This is accessible in both Forms and Q&A views.
  • When accessing from within the return, the preparer can keep the notes window up while they are focused on other areas of the return.
  • The preparer can also re-size the notes window, making it larger or smaller. When sizing down, the window changes from a horizontal layout to vertical layout.
    Horizontal layout:

    Vertical layout:
  • The name of the client or entity associated with the note the Preparer has open will be visible at the top of the note window.
  • Notes are auto-saved every 3 minutes.
  • The date/time the note was created is updated automatically along with the Preparer name who's signed in.
  • The Client Manager "Notes" column will display the last note entered/modified.
  • Only the Practice Owner and those with admin permissions will be able to edit/delete notes that aren't assigned to them. Everyone else will only be able to add/edit/delete notes in the returns they are currently assigned.
  • Notes are imported from the prior year by default
  • There's a limit of 2048 characters per note, but the number of notes per return is not limited.


Version .90 of TaxAct 2017 Professional Federal Editions Read More

The initial release of the 2017 Federal Editions includes the following enhancements:

  • Year-over-year side-by-side comparison of client returns in forms view.
  • Search capability added to forms view to quickly filter the folder tree.
  • ZIP code lookup auto-populates city, state and county information throughout the returns.
  • Capture additional client information upfront, including driver’s license number and multiple email addresses.
  • Federal EF Status now available for all users in Client Manager.
  • Easily identify the Practice Owner and filter inactive Preparers for (online storage users).
  • Plus dozens more improvements to help streamline your tax preparation.


Version 1.07 of TaxAct 2016 Professional Federal Editions Read More

Version 1.07 includes the following minor changes:

  1. Fixed a bug where Preparers who were invited to the Practice, but never accepted, are available to import the following year.
  2. Fixed a bug where some Preparers created in 2015 were missing necessary information required to assign existing clients.
  3. Additional minor bug fixes and performance improvements.


Version 1.06 of TaxAct 2016 Professional Federal Editions Read More

Version 1.06 includes the following minor changes:

  1. Fixed a bug where 1041 and 990 returns weren't showing data in the E-File Status column in Client Manager
  2. Removed the option for 400x100 logo in Client Xchange since that size is too large to display properly in several areas.
  3. Updated the EFIN Verification process in Practice Manager to only allow accepted file types of .pdf, .jpg, .bmp, and .png.
  4. Made the error received with using unsupported special characters in the Client Info and Preparer Info windows consistent with those found in the Forms View and Interview methods.
  5. Implemented a workaround for check in errors (when file is missing or corrupt) that will pull down the latest version saved on our servers rather than prevent the return from being checked in.


Version 1.05 of TaxAct 2016 Professional Federal Editions Read More

Version 1.05 includes the following minor changes:

  1. Professional Reports enhancements
    1. Added parentheses around "amount owed" column values in E-file Details and Tax Return Details reports
    2. Added a print option to the EF Status window
  2. OFX Import is now accessible if an Internet connection is found while in Offline Mode (local storage only)
  3. Increased the maximum file size for returns to 20 MB
  4. Fixed a bug where EIN auto populate wasn’t working in the Q&A


Version 1.04 of TaxAct 2016 Professional Federal Editions Read More

Version 1.04 has been released including changes to the sign in for local users. As mentioned in the last TaxNews email, we know the necessary sign in changes made this year have caused some of you inconveniences and frustration — we apologize for that. We value your business, so we continually review best practices and security technologies to minimize the impact on you.

The first changes we've made are to the software sign in to allow our local storage users the ability to work offline. Here's what you need to know about offline sign in.

  1. Each user will be required to sign in online at least once on their PC in order to cache their credentials.
  2. If no Internet connection is detected upon sign in, you will be presented with the option to Retry or Work Offline.
  3. Some features are not available at all in offline mode. Those include:
    1. Professional Reports
    2. Online Backup
    3. Filing Step
  4. Once you are in Work Offline mode, you will need to restart your software in order to sign in online and access any online-only features.
  5. A few features will work if you are in offline mode, but regain Internet connection without signing in online. Those include:
    1. W-2 Import
    2. PDF Import
    3. Electronic 1099 Import Wizard (OFX)
    4. Help center


Version 1.03 of TaxAct 2016 Professional Federal Editions Read More

Version 1.03 has been released with minor bug fixes, including:

  1. Added the ability to sort the E-File Status column
  2. Fixed issue where imported backup returns were "unable to open"
  3. Added ability to update existing EFIN verification submission in Practice Manager
  4. 2013 & 2014 OL backup should now be working again


Version 1.02 of TaxAct 2016 Professional Federal Editions Read More

Version 1.02 has been released with additional cleanup and bug fixes.

  1. The timeout of the software due to inactivity on your PC has been extended from 15 minutes to 30 minutes.
  2. A bug was fixed where if the EFIN was verified prior to being set up in Preparer Info, it wouldn't recognize it had to be re-verified to be recognized.
  3. If an EFIN has been removed from being used in the practice, the messaging will now explain why the user can no longer file with that removed EFIN.


Version 1.01 of TaxAct 2016 Professional Federal Editions Read More

Version 1.01 was released on 1/17 for forms 1040, 1065, 1120 and 1120S. The 1041 and 990 forms were released on 1/24. The IRS is also now processing returns, so you'll see the status of any e-filed returns update with the appropriate information.

Here's what we've added and updated:

  1. The new E-File Status column available since last release is now populating with e-file status information
  2. We've updated the messaging to Preparers who sign in before Practice Owner has set up practice for the year
  3. Updates to the EFIN Verification submission process in Practice Manager
    1. Tracking # allows 16 or 20 characters
    2. EFINs are sorted by date submitted
    3. Form is cleared after successful submission


Version 1.0 of TaxAct 2016 Professional Federal Editions Read More

The 1.0 version of Federal 1040 Editions were released on 1/5 and include filing versions of all 1040 federal products. In addition to several tax-season readiness updated, we've:

  1. Added a new column option in Client Manager for "E-File Status". It's optional and can be added through the Preparer Preferences menu:
    1. From the menu bar, select Preparer then Preferences
    2. Under Columns Not Displaying find E-File Status and click the Add button. It will be added to the bottom of the Columns Displaying list.
    3. To adjust where this column appears in your Client Manager, select E-File Status in the Columns Displaying list and choose the Move Up button until the columns are in the order you prefer.
  2. Updated our support hours for Professional Support. We are now open the following hours during tax season:
    • Monday - Friday — 7:30 AM - 9:00 PM
    • Saturday — 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM
    • Sunday — 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM


Version 0.93 of TaxAct 2016 Professional Federal Editions Read More

The 0.93 version of Federal Editions were released on 12/29 and include key safeguards for protecting taxpayer data and preventing identity theft as agreed upon by the IRS, state taxing agencies, TaxAct and other software companies.

  1. Sign in upon TaxAct software startup — All users (whether storing data online or locally) will be required to authenticate themselves upon software startup by signing in with their TaxAct Account username and password. You will not need to sign in again until either 15 minutes of inactivity on your PC or after 24 hours (whichever is sooner). Because of this requirement, "work offline" mode is no longer available for Practices using online storage.
  2. EFIN Verification — All EFINs being used to e-file with TaxAct will need to be verified prior to e-filing. Please submit a copy of your IRS e-file application summary that includes your tracking number to TaxAct Professional for verification. This one-time verification process must be completed for each EFIN used in your office(s). Having your EFIN verified prior to the start of tax season will help avoid disruption to your e-filing services.

    Generally, professionals who have been verified in a previous year will not need to be re-verified; however, it is possible TaxAct may request that you re-verified in order to e-file. You can check your EFIN verification status in your TaxAct Account starting on Dec. 27, 2016. If your EFIN is rejected for any reason, we will notify you via email.

    To submit your IRS e-file application summary or to check that status of your EFIN verification:
    • Sign in to your IRS e-Services account and print your e-Services Summary page with your EFIN Tracking Number.
    • Sign in to your TaxAct Account and click the "Practice Administration" tile.
    • Click on "EFIN Verification" to expand and follow the instructions.
  3. Preparer Invitation Issue — An issue where Practices using local storage couldn't invite Preparers to join their Practice has been fixed. Practice Owners should now be able to successfully invite new Preparers through their TaxAct Account by clicking the Practice Administration tile and expanding the Preparer Invitation section.


Version 0.91 of TaxAct 2016 Professional Federal Editions Read More

The 0.91 release of Federal Editions includes new and improved Permissions for preparers in your practice. We're also introducing the "Practice Administrator" role for preparers in your practice.

Practice Administrator — The first preparer you add to your practice will be the Practice Administrator by default (this cannot be removed). The Practice Administrator permission can be given to other preparers in the practice by checking the box for "User is Practice Administrator" on the permissions tab in their preparer information. Anyone with the Practice Administrator permission will be able to:

  • Invite other preparers to join the practice (Enterprise Online networking only)
  • Modify other preparer's permissions (Enterprise Online networking only)
  • Deactivate (or reactivate) preparers
  • Delete preparers (Local storage only)

Permissions are divided into 2 categories: Practice and Preparer Information and Client and Return Information.

Practice and Preparer Information

  • Edit Practice Information — Allows user to update Master Information for the practice
  • Edit Preparer Information — Allow user to update Preparer Information for any preparers in the practice
  • Edit Client Status Options — Allows user to edit existing status, add new status, or delete status for Client Return Status and Client Pay Status
  • Change General Filing Settings — Allows user to change Filing and Printing options from the General Master Information tab
  • Change Miscellaneous Settings — Allows user to change Miscellaneous options from the General Master Information tab
  • Change Calculation Settings — Allows user to change Calculation options from the General Master Information tab
  • Edit Master Forms — Allows user to change Master Forms information, including Charge by Form, Billing Invoice, Instruction Letter, and Schedule K-1 Letter (in application product versions)

Client and Return Information

  • Create New Returns — User can create new client returns
  • Open Existing Returns — User can open existing client returns that they have permission to view
  • Delete Existing Returns — User can delete existing client returns that they have permission to view
  • Import Client Information — User can import client returns from PDF or prior year TaxAct data
  • Export Client Information — User can export client information in a customized or comprehensive comma separated (.csv) or tab delimited (.txt) file
  • Print Client Information — User can print client returns, organizers, consent forms, labels, and reports
  • E-file/Online Backup Returns — User can e-file client returns or back up returns online (Enterprise Local networking users only)
  • View All Clients in Practice — Choose which clients a preparer can view (for Enterprise Online networking users only):
    • Entire practice
    • Only assigned clients

Besides the additional permissions, there are two changes we made that are different than 2015:

  1. If the user was denied the permission for Edit Master Information last year, the user could still access the edit master information menu via in the pop up when adding a new client. That's been corrected so now the user won't be able to edit master information through the pop up unless the user has permission.
  2. If the user didn't have permission to Edit Master Forms, that also prevented the user from copying the Master Forms data to clients last year. This year, if they don't have permission to Edit Master Forms, the user will still be able to copy the Practice's Master Forms data to the user's client returns.


Initial release for TaxAct 2016 Professional Federal Editions (version 0.90) Read More

This initial release of the Federal Editions includes:

  • Client Organizers — Reformatted and re-organized into five organizers: personal info, income, deductions, credits and estimated payments/bank. Plus, you can now print specific organizers for each client.
  • Topics Assistant — This evolved version of the previous Forms and Topics lets you quickly search and navigate between forms and areas of a client return. You can see which parts of a return have been completed and jump to the next section in a single click.
  • Master Information — We've simplified the Setup Wizard so it's easier to enter and edit your Master Information completely and correctly from the start.
  • Import Wizard — This easy tool streamlines the steps to import last year's TaxAct returns or PDFs of 1040 returns prepared by other professional software. If you used TaxAct last year, the Import Wizard also helps you import and update your Preparer and Master Forms information for faster setup. We've also increased the number of files you can select to import at one time to 5,000.
  • Re-labeled phone numbers — The "Phone 1" and "Phone 2" options in your Master Information have been relabeled as "Work Phone" and "Mobile Phone" to better reflect how these number should be used. The Work Phone will be imported from last year as your main phone number (Phone 1) and is what is used on the return. The Mobile Phone will not be imported from last year.

The next major release is planned for mid-November, so stay tuned for more information about what that update includes.


We want to hear what you think! For support or to submit feedback about your experience with TaxAct Professional Editions, please contact us.