Easier Program Setup for 2015: Introducing the TaxAct Setup Wizard

By Lisa Rhatigan

Easier Program Setup for 2015: Introducing the TaxAct Setup Wizard – TaxAct Professional

We're rolling out several new features with TaxAct 2015 Preparer's Editions, including a tool that will make it easier for you to set up the software.

When you launch your 2015 software program the first time, the new Setup Wizard will walk you through the setup process that includes four areas:
  • Practice Info
  • Preparer Info
  • Master Info
  • Master Forms

All you need to do is simply enter the requested data in each screens and click the Continue button to move to the next step.

Easier Program Setup for 2015: Introducing the TaxAct Setup Wizard – TaxAct Professional

Practice Info

Your Practice Info is the information that will appear on your clients' tax returns, labels, letters and other correspondence. The information you enter in this section can also be used for each preparer in your practice.

Preparer Info

This is where you'll enter all relevant information about the preparers in your practice, including basic contact information as well as specific e-filing information. Selecting convenient checkboxes will allow you to carry the practice address information over for each preparer to avoid re-entering information. You'll need to set up at least one preparer to complete this step.

With our new, optional online networking in TaxAct Preparer's Enterprise Editions, you'll also have the opportunity to assign permissions to each preparer for creating/opening/deleting returns and other important actions. The Wizard will also take you through the simple steps for inviting preparers to your practice's account so they have access to software downloads, and client returns and information.

Master Info

In the Master Info section, you can set preferences and defaults for client statuses, security, directories, and other categories including filing, calculations, and miscellaneous preferences. TaxAct allows you to apply Master Info changes to an individual return or all returns.

Master Forms

Once you finalize your Master Info, the Setup Wizard will prompt you to set defaults for various forms. For your convenience, we have modified this part of the setup process this year to only include the Preparer's Edition you have downloaded. Just click on the tile for the form series to set up the following options:

  • Charge by Form – Set default billing rates by form and add forms/charges on the blank lines included in the list;
  • Billing Invoice –Assign custom invoices, select charge by form or list a flat preparation fee, and create other custom fees.
  • Instruction Letter – Set preferences for formatting and the content of your filing instruction letters.
  • Schedule K-1 Letter (if applicable)

Easier Program Setup for 2015: Introducing the TaxAct Setup Wizard – TaxAct Professional

All information entered through the Setup Wizard can be edited at any time if changes occur.

The new TaxAct Professional Setup Wizard takes the guesswork out of getting your TaxAct Preparer's Editions ready for your practice. The step-by-step process, help links, and convenient organization make quick work of the process to help you move quickly to the most important part of what you do – serving your clients. And check out our new, improved TaxAct Preparer's Edition Setup Guide for more detailed information about how to use the Setup Wizard and other key features of your software.

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