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What Your Clients Need to Know About Incorporating Their Businesses

By Deborah Sweeney

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When your clients ask about incorporating their businesses, you may feel like an expert on the topic if you've gone through the steps yourself. Even if you haven't incorporated a business yourself, you should know what information to share with your clients and how to prioritize all of it.

Here are some tips for advising your clients on the incorporation process:

1. They can do it themselves.

While you may not think it's the best option, you can't honestly tell your clients they can't incorporate their businesses themselves. It is entirely possible for them to go to the secretary of state's office, fill out the paperwork, and acquire a corporation or LLC. You shouldn't lead them to believe otherwise.

You can, however, let them know how you can assist them with the process. For example, you can help with the paperwork. If they complete any of the paperwork incorrectly or fail to complete something, there will be fees to pay.

Make sure your clients know that your job is to do the work for them so they can tend to the important work – running their businesses.

2. They have options.

Don't be afraid to go in-depth about what makes an LLC an LLC, and what makes a corporation a corporation. Additionally, don't forget about the S corp election and the tax implications of the various options.

Though most service providers can't give legal advice or actually suggest which entity to choose, you can do your best to make sure your clients are well educated about their options. Suggest they look to experts in the field to access quality information. And don't forget there are plenty of great small business blogs – perfect for research purposes.

3. You're there to help.

When clients come to you for incorporation help, let them know maintenance measures will pop up throughout the lives of their businesses. Tell them about your services in the beginning so they know you're there to help with future endeavors, and so they're more likely to return to you in the future.

Remind them there are companies that focus on small business maintenance services, such as document storage, annual reports, corporate resolutions, and corporate stock certificates.

The more you set up your clients for all their business needs, the more often they'll return to you for help when they need it.

About Deborah Sweeney

Deborah Sweeney is the CEO of MyCorporation is a leader in online legal filing services for entrepreneurs and businesses, providing start-up bundles that include corporation and LLC formation, registered agent, DBA, and trademark and copyright filing services. MyCorporation does all the work, making the business formation and maintenance quick and painless, so business owners can focus on what they do best. Follow her on Twitter @mycorporation.