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River City Bank will begin accepting applications for the 2016 tax year in October.

River City Bank's long standing reputation in the industry spans nearly three decades with excellent customer service and a variety of bank product options. We offer the greatest flexibility in the industry with our Price=Profit Program, allowing EROs to choose the program that best meets the needs of their market.

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Announcement for pricing and program options for the 2016 tax year coming soon.

2015 Tax Year Program

Federal Pricing ERO Rebate
$39.95 $10.00
$34.95 $5.00
$29.95 $0

State products are also available for $9.95. EROs will receive an additional $2.00 rebate for fully funded state products.

Disbursement Options

With all disbursement options, all preparation fees will be deducted from the taxpayer refund and paid daily to the ERO by direct deposit.

  • Electronic Refund Check (ERC) When funds are received from the IRS or state treasury, the ERO prints a check for the customer. River City has arrangements with Walmart and many other retail and grocery chains across the country to provide easy and affordable check cashing.
  • Refund Electronic Transfer (RET) Customers with an existing account can have their funds deposited to their personal savings or checking account instead of return to the ERO's office to pick up a check.
  • ELEVATE Prepaid Visa® Card The taxpayer leaves the office with their card and receives a text message when their funds are available, eliminating the hassle of returning to pick up a check.
  • Walmart Direct2Cash New for 2016, Direct2Cash allows customers to receive their refund in cash at Walmarts across the country. A Reference Code is emailed to the customer when funds are available and is taken to a Walmart MoneyCenter or Customer Service Desk along with their photo ID to collect their proceeds in cash. Walmart charges a $6.00 fee for this service which is deducted from the customer's refund prior to being sent to Walmart for disbursement.

Other services offered to River City Bank EROs

Fee Forward — For tax year 2016, the IRS has confirmed that all refunds containing Earned Income and/or Additional Child Tax Credits will be released no earlier than February 15, 2017, which will impose a heavy financial burden on EROs at a time when income is low and payroll and other expenses are high. River City Bank's Fee Forward program helps to ease some of that burden by making daily advances of a portion of the anticipated preparation fees to qualified preparers.

Free Marketing Resources — Professionally created banners, window clings and posters are just a few of the marketing tools River City Bank provides at no cost to the ERO.

For more information, email csr@rcbtaxdivision.com or call (888) 820-7848 or visit us at www.rcbtaxdivision.com.

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