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Desktop Utility Bundle Overview

Developed for the business-minded professional, the Desktop Utility Bundle saves you money by packing two essential office utilities into one bargain-priced package!


10-Key is not your average Windows calculator. 10-Key was developed with the professional accountant in mind, designed to function just like your ten key desktop calculator.

Features Include:

Familiar layout and functioning

No need to waste time learning new keystrokes! 10-Key functions exactly like your desktop machine.

Space saver

Get rid of that bulky old desktop calculator. With 10-Key, your computer is all you need!


With 10-Key on your laptop and home computer, you've got a desktop calculator handy whenever and wherever you need it, not just at the office. Use it on business trips, in transit, & at home!

Save important calculations!

Have a list of calculations you need to build on in the future? No need to re-key them over and over--just save to a file!

Professional printouts

No more fumbling with long strips of calculator paper! 10-Key prints neat columns onto standard paper sizes, so your numbers are easy to read and your file cabinet is tidy!

Desktop Assistant

Desktop Assistant by TaxACT, Inc. is the answer to finding your confidential personal information in an instant! Desktop Assistant runs in your desktop tray so you are only a click away from having access to your important information.

Use Desktop Assistant to store:

  • user names
  • customer ID's
  • access codes
  • contact names
  • addresses
  • phone numbers
  • email addresses
  • passwords
  • credit card numbers
  • PIN numbers
  • favorite web sites
  • and any other piece of important information...

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