Business 1120 - C-Corporation Tax Software

For taxes originally due March 2011

System Requirements

TaxACT walks you through your C Corporation return! Your satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back.

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Uniquely suited to preparing your C Corporation return!

Make preparing and filing your Form 1120 tax return easy for your corporation. TaxACT Business 1120 walks you through your C Corporation return, automatically calculating and filling in the tax forms for you. Contains powerful depreciation reports, loan & savings calculators, and more.

  • Uniquely Suited to Preparing Your C Corporation Return** - You'll enjoy essential features for Form 1120 preparation in addition to the versatility & efficiency you've enjoyed in the Deluxe Edition.
  • Does the Work for You - Just answer simple, plain-English interview questions and TaxACT automatically calculates and enters your data into the appropriate tax forms.
  • TaxACT Import transfers vital personal data from last year's tax return, including AGI/PIN, that is required to match IRS records in order to e-file.

Essential features come standard with TaxACT Business 1120:

  • Custom return printing - Print multiple copies of a return at once. Plus, you can print individual forms.
  • Multiple occurrences of supporting forms - TaxACT allows you to enter multiple copies of many forms.
  • Contains the Forms and Schedules you need, For a complete list please see the Forms and Schedules Chart.
  • Password protection - Keep your data safe from others who may have access to your computer.
  • New Includes 1 Free Federal E-file - Get your refund the fastest way possible.1
  • New Quick entry for Form 4562 Asset Depreciation - Enter data directly into the form or complete the step-by-step interview.
  • New TaxACT Bookmarks - Navigate your return on your terms. With TaxACT Bookmarks, simply mark & return to any question at any time.
  • New Unlimited E-mail Support - Stumped by a tax question? Get one-on-one e-mail guidance from a tax specialist and TaxACT expert for free!2

Powerful analysis reports and calculators at your fingertips:

  • Depreciation reports - Instantly print a complete list of your depreciable assets, quoting depreciation for the current year, as well as accumulated depreciation. Or, get a report detailing next year's depreciation. Sort either report by asset name or date acquired.
  • Loan and savings calculators - Effortlessly compute loan payments or the future value of savings deposits, then print amortization and accumulation schedules.

1 In order to e-file your 1120 federal return, you will need a scanner. The IRS requires that you print authorization Form 8453-C, sign it, scan it, convert the document to a PDF and attach it to your return. The IRS estimates a typical e-filed return with direct deposit will be deposited in 8-15 days.

2 Phone support for the 2010 tax year is available for just $7.95.

** TaxACT Business 1120 allows you to prepare one 1120 tax return only.