Business 1065 - Partnership Tax Software

For taxes originally due April 2016

System Requirements

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Included Partnership Forms:

1065 U.S. Return of Partnership Income
1125-A Cost of Goods Sold
4562 Depreciation and Amortization
4684 Casualties and Thefts
4797 Sales of Business Property
5884-B New Hire Credit
6252 Installment Sales
6781 Gains and Losses from Section 1256 Contracts
7004 Extension Time to File
8283 Noncash Charitable Contributions
8453-PE Tax Transmittal for E-file
8594 Asset Acquisition Statement
8824 Like-Kind Exchanges
8825 Rental Income
8846 Credit for Employer Social Security and Medicare Taxes Paid on Certain Employee Tips
8910 Alternate Motor Vehicle Credit
8916-A Schedule M-3 Cost of Goods Sold
8925 Report of Employer-Owned Life Insurance Contracts
8941 Credit for Small Employer Health Insurance Premiums
8949 Sales and Other Dispositions of Capital Assets

Included Partnership Schedules:

B Other Information
B-1 Information on Partners Owning 50% or More of the Partnership
C Additional Information for Schedule M-3 Filers
D Capital Gains and Losses
F Farm Income/Loss
K Partners' Share of Income, Credits, Deductions
K-1 Partner's Share of Income, Credits, Deductions
L Balance Sheet per Books
M-1 Reconciliation of Income per Books with Income per Return
M-2 Analysis of Partners' Capital Accounts
M-3 Net Income (Loss) Reconciliation for Certain Partnerships