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TaxAct Estates & Trusts (Form 1041) State

The fast, easy and affordable way to prepare and e-file your state Estates & Trusts tax return.

Maximize deductions

TaxAct's list of common estate & trust expenses to help you report and maximize common deductions.

Does the work for you

Just answer simple, plain-English interview questions and TaxAct automatically calculates and enters your data into the appropriate tax forms.

Unlimited free support

Stumped by a tax question? Get one-on-one guidance from a tax specialist and TaxAct expert by email or phone (upon product payment) for free!

Automatic beneficiary allocation

1041 Schedule K-1 items automatically allocate and update as estate & trust income, deductions and credits change. Once complete, Schedule K-1 data can be imported into TaxAct Plus.

Depreciation and disposal summaries

Don't miss any valuable deductions! TaxAct's Depreciation and Disposal Summaries make reviewing your current, future, and accumulated assets fast and easy.

Beneficiary distributive share report

Provides a detailed review of all the beneficiaries' distributive share items as reports on each beneficiary's Schedule K-1.

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Tax Forms and Schedules State
Form 41Alabama Fiduciary Income Tax ReturnAlabama
Form 4952AInvestment Interest ExpenseAlabama
Form AL8453-FDTFiduciary Income Tax Declaration for Electronic FilingAlabama
Form FDT-VFiduciary Income Tax Payment VoucherAlabama
Form NOL-F85Computation of Net Operating LossAlabama
Form NOL-F85AApplication of Net Operating LossAlabama
Form 41 Schedule E - Part IPart I - Supplemental Income and LossAlabama
Form 41 Schedule E - Part IIPart II - Income from Partnerships S Corporations Estates and TrustsAlabama
Schedule ESBTWorksheet for Electing Small BusinessAlabama
Schedule FCFiduciary CreditsAlabama
Schedule GGrantor Statement of Income Deductions CreditsAlabama
Schedule K-1Fiduciary Income Tax Beneficiary InformationAlabama
Form 141 AZFiduciary Income Tax ReturnArizona
141 AZ Schedule K-1Resident or Part-Year Resident Beneficiary's Share of Fiduciary AdjustmentArizona
141 AZ Schedule K-1(NR)Nonresident Beneficiary's Share of Fiduciary AdjustmentArizona
Form 141AZ ESEstate or Trust Estimated Income Tax PaymentArizona
Form 141AZ EXTApplication for Filing Extension for Fiduciary ReturnsArizona
Form 210Notice of Assumption of Duties in a Fiduciary CapacityArizona
Form AZ141 VArizona Estate or Trust Income Tax Payment VoucherArizona
Form AZ-8879-FE-file Signature Authorization - FiduciaryArizona
Form 541Fiduciary Income Tax ReturnCalifornia
Schedule J (541)Trust Allocation of an Accumulation DistributionCalifornia
Schedule P (541)Alternative Minimum Tax and Credit LimitationsCalifornia
Schedule D (541)Capital Gain or LossCalifornia
Schedule D-1Sales of Business PropertyCalifornia
Schedule G-1Tax on Lump-Sum DistributionsCalifornia
Schedule K-1Beneficiary's Share of Income, Deductions, Credits, etc.California
Schedule SOther State Tax CreditCalifornia
Form 3510Credit for Prior Year Alternative Minimum TaxCalifornia
Form 3521Low-Income Housing CreditCalifornia
Form 3523Research CreditCalifornia
Form 3526Investment Interest Expense DeductionCalifornia
Form 3547Donated Agricultural Products Transportation CreditCalifornia
Form 3548Disabled Access Credit for Eligible Small BusinessesCalifornia
Form 3554New Employment CreditCalifornia
Form 3563Automatic Extension for FiduciariesCalifornia
Form 3801Passive Activity Loss LimitationsCalifornia
Form 3805EInstallment Sale IncomeCalifornia
Form 3805VNet Operating Loss (NOL) Computation and NOL and Disaster Loss LimitationsCalifornia
Form 3885FDepreciation and AmortizationCalifornia
Form 5805Underpayment of Estimated TaxCalifornia
Form 8453-FIDE-File Return Authorization for FiduciariesCalifornia
Form 8455-FIDE-File Payment Record for FiduciariesCalifornia
Form 8879-FIDE-File Signature Authorization for FiduciariesCalifornia
Form 105Fiduciary Income Tax ReturnColorado
Form DR 0104-BEPNonresident Beneficiary Tax PaymentColorado
Form DR 0105-EPEstate and Trust Estimated Tax WorksheetColorado
Form 158-FExtension PaymentColorado
Form DR 0617Innovative Motor Vehicle CreditColorado
Form DR 0900-FPayment Form for Electronic FilingColorado
Form DR 1316Colorado Source Capital Gain AffidavitColorado
Form DR 1366Enterprise Zone Credit and Carryforward ScheduleColorado
Form DR 1778E-File Attachment FormColorado
Form DR 8453-FDeclaration for Electronic FilingColorado
Form 501Fiduciary Income Tax ReturnGeorgia
Form 501XAmended Fiduciary Income Tax ReturnGeorgia
Form 500ESFiduciary Estimated TaxGeorgia
Form 500 UETUnderpayment of Georgia Estimated TaxGeorgia
Form IT-303Application for Extension of Time for FilingGeorgia
Form 525 TVPayment VoucherGeorgia
Form IT-560Extension Payment VoucherGeorgia
Form 8453Declaration for Electronic FilingGeorgia
IL-1041Fiduciary Income and Replacement Tax ReturnIllinois
IL-1041 Sch CRCredit for Tax Paid to Other StatesIllinois
IL-1041 Sch DBeneficiary InformationIllinois
IL-1041 Sch IIncome ReceivedIllinois
IL-1041 Sch NR Nonresident Computation of Fiduciary IncomeIllinois
Sch SA (1041)Specific Acctg Method Computing Net IncomeIllinois
IL-1041-VPayment Voucher for Fiduciary Income and Replacement TaxIllinois
IL-1041-XAmendedFiduciary Income and Replacement Tax ReturnIllinois
IL-1041-X-VPayment Voucher for AmendedFiduciary Income and Replacement TaxIllinois
Sch NBNonbusiness IncomeIllinois
IL-4562Special DepreciationIllinois
IL-477Replacement Tax Investment CreditsIllinois
IL-505-BAutomatic Extension PaymentIllinois
IL-56Notice of Fiduciary RelationshipIllinois
Sch 1299-DIncome Tax Credits (for corporations & fiduciaries)Illinois
Sch K-1-TBeneficiary's Share of Income & DeductionsIllinois
Sch M BusinessOther Additions and Subtractions (for Businesses)Illinois
Sch NLDNet Loss DeductionIllinois
IT-40NOLIndividual NOL ComputationIndiana
IT-41Fiduciary Income Tax ReturnIndiana
IT-41 Sch IN K-1Fiduciary Share of Income (IT-41)Indiana
IT-41ESFiduciary Estimated PaymentIndiana
Form IA 1041Iowa Fiduciary ReturnIowa
Form IA 1041 Schedule CComputation of Nonresident's Tax CreditIowa
Form IA 1041VFiduciary Income Tax Payment VoucherIowa
Form IA 128Research Activities CreditIowa
Form IA 128SAlternative Simplified Research Activities CreditIowa
Form IA 130Out-of-State Credit ComputationIowa
Form IA 134S Corp Apportionment CreditIowa
Form IA 135E85 Gasoline Promotion Tax CreditIowa
Form IA 137Ethanol Promotion Tax CreditIowa
Form IA 138E15 Plus Gasoline Promotion Tax CreditIowa
Form IA 147Franchise Tax CreditIowa
Form IA 148Tax Credits ScheduleIowa
Form IA 4136Fuel Tax CreditIowa
Form IA 4562ADepreciation Adjustment ScheduleIowa
Form IA 4562BDepreciation Accumulated Adjustment ScheduleIowa
Form IA 1041 Schedule I Alternative Minimum Tax ComputationIowa
Form IA 8453-FIowa Fiduciary Income Tax Declaration for an e-File ReturnIowa
Form IA 8801Credit for Prior-Year Minimum TaxIowa
Form IA 8864Biodiesel Blended Fuel Tax CreditIowa
Form K-18Fiduciary Report of Nonresident Beneficiary Tax WithheldKansas
Form K-41Kansas Fiduciary Income Tax ReturnKansas
Form K-41VFiduciary Payment VoucherKansas
Form 741Kentucky Fiduciary Income Tax ReturnKentucky
Form 42A741(K-1)Kentucky Beneficiary's Share of Income, Deductions, Credits, Etc.Kentucky
Form 42A741(D)Kentucky Capital Gains and LossesKentucky
Schedule PKentucky Pension Income ExclusionKentucky
Form 40A102Application for Extension of Time to File Individual Income Tax Returns For KentuckyKentucky
Form 2210-KUnderpayment of Estimated TaxKentucky
Form 4972-KKentucky Tax on Lump-Sum DistributionsKentucky
Form 5695-KKentucky Energy Efficiency Products Tax CreditKentucky
Form 8582-KKentucky Passive Activity Loss LimitationsKentucky
Schedule KNOLKentucky Net Operating Loss ScheduleKentucky
Form PTE-WHKentucky Nonresident Income Tax Withholding on Net Distributive Share IncomeKentucky
504 Sch K-1Beneficiary's InformationMaryland
504CRIncome Tax Credits for FiduciariesMaryland
504DDeclaration of Estimated Income TaxMaryland
504EApplication for Extension for FiduciariesMaryland
504NRNonresident Income Tax CalculationMaryland
504UPUnderpayment of Estimated TaxMaryland
505Nonresident Income Tax ReturnMaryland
Form 2Massachusetts Fiduciary Income Tax returnMassachusetts
Schedule B/RBeneficiary/RemaindermenMassachusetts
Schedule BInterest Dividends and Certain Capital Gains and LossesMassachusetts
Schedule DCapital Gains and LossesMassachusetts
Schedule E and FRental Income or Loss and Credit for Taxes PaidMassachusetts
Schedule HExpenses and Fiduciary CompensationMassachusetts
Schedule IDDIncome Distribution DeductionMassachusetts
Schedule 2K-1Beneficiary's Massachusetts InformationMassachusetts
Form 2-PVMassachusetts Fiduciary Income Tax Payment VoucherMassachusetts
Form 2-ESEstimated Income Tax payment vouchersMassachusetts
Form M-2210FUnderpayment of Massachusetts Estimated Income Tax for FiduciariesMassachusetts
Form M-8453FFiduciary Tax Declaration for Electronic FilingMassachusetts
Form M-8736Application for Extension of Time to File Fiduciary ReturnMassachusetts
Schedule CBusiness IncomeMassachusetts
Schedule EOACEconomic Opportunity Area CreditMassachusetts
Schedule LPCredit for Removing or Covering Lead Paint on Residential PremisesMassachusetts
Schedule RFCRefundable Film CreditMassachusetts
Form 4Application for Extension of Time to File Michigan Tax ReturnsMichigan
Form MI-1041Michigan Fiduciary Income Tax ReturnMichigan
Form MI-1041DAdjustments of Capital Gains and LossesMichigan
Form MI-1041ESEstimated Income Tax for FiduciariesMichigan
Form MI-1041 Schedule WWithholding Tax ScheduleMichigan
Form MI-2210Underpayment of Estimated Income TaxMichigan
Form MI-4797Adjustments of Gains and Losses from Sales of Business PropertyMichigan
Form MI-8949Sales and Other Dispositions of Capital AssetsMichigan
Schedule WWithholding Tax ScheduleMichigan
BANKBank Auth for Direct DebitMinnesota
ESTAddtl Charge for Underpayment of Estimated TaxMinnesota
ETPEmployer Transit pass CreditMinnesota
KPIPartner's Share of Income, Credits & ModificationsMinnesota
KSShareholder's Share of Income Credits ModificationsMinnesota
M1CRCredit for Income Tax Paid to Another StateMinnesota
M1LSTax on Lump Sum Distributions Minnesota
M2Income Tax Return for Estates & TrustsMinnesota
M2MTAlternative Minimum Tax for Estates & TrustsMinnesota
M2XAmended Income Tax for Estates and TrustsMinnesota
FID-AMDFiduciary Tax Amended Return PaymentMinnesota
FID-ESTFiduciary Estimated PaymentMinnesota
FID-EXT Fiduciary Tax Extension PaymentMinnesota
FID-PAY Fiduciary Tax Return PaymentMinnesota
MO-1041Fiduciary Income Tax ReturnMissouri
MO-1041VPayment VoucherMissouri
MO-CRCredit for Income Taxes Paid to Other StatesMissouri
MO-FPTFood Pantry Tax CreditMissouri
MO-60Application for Extension of Time to File (Individual)Missouri
MO-NRFNonresident Fiduciary FormMissouri
MO-TCMiscellaneous Income Tax CreditsMissouri
Form 1041NNebraska Fiduciary Income Tax ReturnNebraska
Form 1041N-ESNebraska Fiduciary Voluntary Estimated Income Tax Payment VoucherNebraska
Form 7004NApplication for Extension of Time to FileNebraska
Schedule IComputation of Nebraska TaxNebraska
Schedule IINonresident Beneficiary's Share of Nebraska Income Deductions and CreditsNebraska
Schedule IIICredit for Tax Paid to Another StateNebraska
Schedule K-1NBeneficiary's Share of Income Deductions Modifications and CreditsNebraska
Form NJ-1041Gross Income Tax Fiduciary ReturnNew Jersey
Schedule ANet Gains or Income from Disposition of PropertyNew Jersey
Schedule BBeneficiaries' Share of IncomeNew Jersey
Schedule CCredit for Income or Wage Taxes Paid to Other JurisdictionNew Jersey
Schedule DAllocation of Business Income to New JerseyNew Jersey
Schedule ENew Jersey Income of Nonresident Estates and TrustsNew Jersey
Schedule NJ-BUS-1Business Income Summary ScheduleNew Jersey
Schedule NJ-BUS-2Alternative Business Calculation AdjustmentNew Jersey
Form NJ-NR-ABusiness Allocation ScheduleNew Jersey
Schedule NJK-1 (Form NJ-1041)Beneficiary's or Grantor's Share of IncomeNew Jersey
Form NJ-1040-ESEstimated Tax WorksheetNew Jersey
Form NJ-1040-OE-File Opt-Out Request Form (Preparer Only)New Jersey
Form NJ-630Application for Extension of Time to File NJ Gross Income Tax ReturnNew Jersey
FID-1Fiduciary IncomeTax ReturnNew Mexico
FID-BSchedules 1 and 2New Mexico
FID-CRTax Credit Schedule New Mexico
FID-DAnnual Withholding of Net Income from a Fid Detail ReportNew Mexico
FID-ESEstimated Tax Payment VoucherNew Mexico
FID-EXTExtension Payment VoucherNew Mexico
FID-PVFiduciary Payment VoucherNew Mexico
IT-112.1Resident Credit Against Separate Tax on Lump-Sum DistributionsNew York
IT-112-CResident Credit for Taxes Paid to a ProvinceNew York
IT-112-RNY State Resident Tax CreditNew York
IT-135Sales and Use Tax Report for Purchases of items and Services Costing $25,000 or MoreNew York
IT-182Passive Activity Loss LimitationsNew York
IT-2Summary of W-2 StatementsNew York
IT-205 Fiduciary Income Tax ReturnNew York
IT-205-AFiduciary AllocationNew York
IT-205-CResident Trust Nontaxable CertificationNew York
IT-205-TAllocation of Estimated Tax Payments to BeneficiariesNew York
IT-205-VPayment Voucher for Fiduciary Income Tax ReturnsNew York
IT-2106Estimated Income Tax Payment Voucher for FiduciariesNew York
IT-212Investment CreditNew York
IT-212-ATTClaim for Historic Barn Rehabilitation Credit & Employment IncentiveNew York
IT-217Claim for Farmer School Tax CreditNew York
IT-219Credit for NY City Unincorporated Business TaxNew York
IT-222General Corporation Tax CreditNew York
IT-223Innovation Hot Spot DeductionNew York
IT-225NY State ModificationsNew York
IT-230Separate Tax on Lump-Sum DistributionsNew York
IT-241Claim for Clean Heating Fuel CreditNew York
IT-242Claim for Conservation Easement Tax CreditNew York
IT-249Claim for Long-term Care Insurance CreditNew York
IT-250Claim for Credit Purchase an AEDNew York
IT-256Claim for Special Addt'l Mortgage Recording Tax CreditNew York
IT-257Claim of Right CreditNew York
IT-370-PFApplication for Automatic Six-Month Extension of Time to FileNew York
IT-398NY State Depreciation Schedule for IRS Section 168 (k) PropertyNew York
IT-399NYS Depreciation ScheduleNew York
IT-501Temporary Deferral Nonrefundable Payout CreditNew York
IT-601Claim for EZ Wage Tax CreditNew York
IT-603Claim for EZ Investment Tax Credit and EZ Employment Incentive CreditNew York
IT-604Claim for QEZE Tax Reduction CreditNew York
IT-606Claim for QEZE Credit for Real Property TaxesNew York
IT-607Claim for Excelsior Jobs Program Tax CreditNew York
IT-611Claim for Brownfield Redevelopment Tax CreditNew York
IT-611.1Claim for Brownfield Redevelopment Tax CreditNew York
IT-612Claim for Remediated Brownfield Credit for Real Property TaxesNew York
IT-634Empire State Jobs Retention Program CreditNew York
IT-639Minimum Wage Reimbursement CreditNew York
IT-639-ATTMinimum Wage Reimbursement CreditNew York
IT-641Manufacturer's Real Property Tax CreditNew York
Y-206Yonkers Nonresident Fiduciary Earnings Tax ReturnNew York
TR-579.2-ITNYS E-File Signature Authorization (IT-205)New York
TR-579.3-ITNYS Fiduciary Auth for Electronic Funds WithdrawalNew York
Form D-407Estates and Trusts Income Tax ReturnNorth Carolina
Form D-407TCEstates and Trusts Tax Credit SummaryNorth Carolina
Form D-407 NC K-1Beneficiary's Share of NC Income, Adjustments, and CreditsNorth Carolina
Form D-410PApplication for Extension of Filing Estate or Trust Tax ReturnNorth Carolina
Form NC-EDUEducation Endowment Fund Payment VoucherNorth Carolina
Schedule ANorth Carolina Fiduciary AdjustmentsNorth Carolina
Schedule BApportionment of AdjustmentsNorth Carolina
Form IT 1041Ohio Fiduciary Income Tax ReturnOhio
Form IT 1041ESEstimated Tax WorksheetOhio
Form IT 1041PPayment CouponOhio
Form IT 2023Income Allocation and ApportionmentOhio
Form IT 2210Interest Penalty on UnderpaymentOhio
Form SD 100ESchool District Estate Income Tax ReturnOhio
Form SD 2210Interest Penalty on UnderpaymentOhio
Form SD 40EPSchool District Estate Tax Payment VoucherOhio
IT 1041 Schedule AAdjustments to Federal Taxable Income Net of Related ExpensesOhio
IT 1041 Schedule B C and DEstate CreditsOhio
IT 1041 Schedule ENonrefundable Business CreditsOhio
IT 1041 Schedules F G H IAllocations and Credits for TrustsOhio
Form 504Application for Extension of Time to FileOklahoma
Form 511CROther CreditsOklahoma
Form 513Oklahoma Resident Fiduciary Return of IncomeOklahoma
Form 513XResident Fiduciary Return of Income Page 4 - 513-XOklahoma
Form 561FResident Capital Gain DeductionOklahoma
Form 577Refundable Coal CreditOklahoma
Form 578Refundable Credit for Electricity Generated by Zero-Emission FacilitiesOklahoma
Form OW-8-ESCEstimated Tax WorksheetOklahoma
Form OW-8-PUnderpayment of Estimated TaxOklahoma
Form 513 Schedule K-1Beneficiary's Share of Income and DeductionsOklahoma
Form PA-41Fiduciary Income Tax ReturnPennsylvania
Form PA-41ESEstimated Income Tax WorksheetPennsylvania
Schedule PA-41XAmended Fiduciary Income Tax SchedulePennsylvania
Schedule AInterest Income and Gambling and Lottery WinningsPennsylvania
Schedule BDividends and Capital Gains Distributions IncomePennsylvania
Schedule CProfit or Loss From Business or ProfessionPennsylvania
Schedule DSale, Exchange or Disposition of PropertyPennsylvania
Schedule DDDistribution DeductionsPennsylvania
Schedule ERents and Royalty Income (Loss)Pennsylvania
Schedule FFarm Income and ExpensesPennsylvania
Schedule G-LCredit for Taxes Paid to Other StatesPennsylvania
Schedule JIncome from Estates or TrustsPennsylvania
Schedule NPA Source Income and Nonresident Tax WithheldPennsylvania
Schedule NRK-1Nonresident Schedule of Beneficiary's Pass Through Income, Loss and CreditsPennsylvania
Schedule OCOther CreditsPennsylvania
Schedule RK-1Resident Schedule of Beneficiary's Pass Through Income, Loss and CreditsPennsylvania
REV-276Application for Extension of Time to FilePennsylvania
REV-1630FUnderpayment of Estimated Tax by FiduciariesPennsylvania
Form RI-1041Rhode Island Estates and Trusts Tax ReturnRhode Island
Schedule MRhode Island Modifications to Federal Total IncomeRhode Island
Form RI-1041ESRhode Island Estimated Tax PaymentsRhode Island
Form RI-1041-MUCredit for Income Taxes Paid to Multiple StatesRhode Island
Schedule CROther Rhode Island CreditsRhode Island
Form RI-2210Underpayment of Estimated Tax by Individuals, EstatesRhode Island
Schedule WRhode Island W-2 and 1099 InformationRhode Island
Form RI-8736Automatic Six Month Extension RequestRhode Island
Form SC 1041Fiduciary Income Tax ReturnSouth Carolina
Form SC1041 K-1Beneficiary's Share of SC Income, Deductions, Credits, Etc.South Carolina
Form SC8736Request for Extension of Time to File SC Return for Fiduciary and PartnershipSouth Carolina
Form SC1041ESFiduciary Declaration of Estimated TaxSouth Carolina
Form I-335Active Trade or Business Income Reduced Rate ComputationSouth Carolina
Form SC1040TCTax CreditsSouth Carolina
Schedule TC-35Alternative Motor Vehicle CreditSouth Carolina
Form 05-102Texas Public Information ReportTexas
Form 05-158-ATexas Franchise Tax Report – Long Form page 1Texas
Form 05-158-BTexas Franchise Tax Report – Long Form page 2Texas
Form 05-160Credits Summary ScheduleTexas
Form 05-163Texas Franchise Tax Report – No Tax Due Information ReportTexas
Form 05-164Extension RequestTexas
Form 05-167Ownership Information ReportTexas
Form 05-169Texas Franchise Tax Report – Ez-Computation ReportTexas
Form 05-170Payment FormTexas
Form 05-175Tiered Partnership ReportTexas
Form 05-178R & D Activities Credits ScheduleTexas
Form 05-180Historic Structure Credit Supplement for Credit Claimed on ReportTexas
Form 760CUnderpayment of Virginia Estimated TaxVirginia
Form 770Virginia Fiduciary Income Tax ReturnVirginia
Form 770 Schedule 2Taxable Income of a Nonresident Estate or TrustVirginia
Form 770 Schedule 3Modifications to IncomeVirginia
Form 770 Schedule 4Credit for Tax Paid to Another StateVirginia
Form 770 Schedule 5Computation of Credits and Qualifying IncomeVirginia
Form 770ESEstimated Tax WorksheetVirginia
Form 770IPExtension Payment VoucherVirginia
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