10-Key by TaxACT
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10-Key Overview:

10-Key is not your average Windows calculator—it was developed with the professional accountant in mind, designed to function just like your ten key desktop calculator.

Features Include:

  • Familiar layout and functioning—No need to waste time learning new keystrokes! 10-Key functions exactly like your desktop machine.
  • Space saver—Get rid of that bulky old desktop calculator. With 10-Key, your computer is all you need!
  • Portable—With 10-Key on your laptop and home computer, you've got a desktop calculator handy whenever and wherever you need it, not just at the office. Use it on business trips, in transit, & at home!
  • Save important calculations!—Have a list of calculations you need to build on in the future? No need to re-key them over and over--just save to a file!
  • Professional printouts—No more fumbling with long strips of calculator paper! 10-Key prints neat columns onto standard paper sizes, so your numbers are easy to read and your file cabinet is tidy!

All the features and functions you need in a desktop calculator:

  • Rounding up, rounding down, or rounding so that 4 and below rounds down while 5 and above rounds up
  • Memory addition, subtraction, subtotal, and total
  • Option to turn paper printer on or off
  • Option to show 0, 1, 2, 3, 6, or floating decimal places
  • Up and down paper scrolling
  • And MUCH MORE!