A True David and Goliath Story

TaxACT was created from the ashes of a product called Personal Tax Edge marketed by Parsons Technology. In 1994, Intuit, the makers of TurboTax, acquired Parsons Technology and Personal Tax Edge, their next closest competitor. By 1997, Personal Tax Edge was gone, but the discontinuation of Personal Tax Edge led the founders of TaxACT, then 2nd Story Software® (all of whom had worked on the Personal Tax Edge product and had significant accounting, marketing, and software development experience) to create TaxACT. Starting with a simple goal to provide high quality tax preparation software to taxpayers at an affordable price, TaxACT launched in 1998.

In less than a decade, TaxACT has claimed its place amongst the Goliaths of the industry. Since 2000, TaxACT has assisted with nearly 53 million e-filed Federal returns.

TaxACT is the only Web-based tax planning and preparation product to offer a year-round tax preparation solution (Preview versions are released each October, with Final versions released in January).

In January 2012, TaxACT was acquired by Blucora, Inc.™ [NASDAQ: BCOR], then InfoSpace. In addition to TaxACT, Blucora operates three businesses - InfoSpace, a leading provider of white label search and monetization solutions; Monoprice, an eCommerce leader specializing in high quality cables, components and accessories for computer and consumer electronics; and How Stuff Works, a trusted digital information resource offering explanations for how the world actually works in thousands of topic areas.

It's How We Act

At TaxACT, we believe How We Act is a measure of who we are as individuals, as a community and as a company. And so we created the TaxACT Code – five powerful words describing how we promise to act towards our customers, and how our customers themselves act in their everyday lives.

The TaxACT Code

  • Integrity. Free truly means free when it comes to federal tax preparation and filing. We act with transparency - no hidden fees, no gimmicks. We take the high road, treating customers honestly and fairly. If we happen to make a mistake, we'll make it right.
  • Simplicity. We make doing taxes anywhere, anytime fast and easy. TaxACT's tools and clear guidance help taxpayers easily, confidently and successfully file their own taxes.
  • Value. All taxpayers can prepare, print and e-file federal tax returns totally free with TaxACT Free Federal Edition. No restrictions. It's the only free solution with all e-fileable forms for simple and complex returns. Paid federal and state solutions are affordable and provide extra-value features and services at less than half the cost of other brands.
  • Assurance. Returns are backed by accuracy, maximum refund and satisfaction guarantees so customers can file with total peace of mind. Personalized help is always free and just a click or email away.
  • Responsibility. We support initiatives throughout the year to better our communities, states and country.

You Got This

You Got This is about transferring the confidence for accomplishing the impressive in everyday life to doing your taxes. From landing that dream job to balancing a full-time career as a parent of three, you can do anything. Filing your taxes is just one more of your many impressive accomplishments. #yougotthis

TaxACT provides the tools and guidance to help you confidently file your taxes easy and fast. With Free Edition, filing your simple or complicated federal taxes is also free. Whether you start on your computer, tablet or smartphone, you can finish and file anywhere. You, who can do anything, you got this!

Share your You Got This moment at www.taxact.com/you-got-this.