Preparer's 1120S Edition  $119.99

For professionals who want to prepare and print an unlimited number of federal S-Corporation returns, and desire time-saving, organization and accuracy tools.

  • Prepare & print an unlimited number of 1120S federal returns
  • Up-to-date forms & schedules, including Forms 1120S, 2848, 4562, 4797, 7004 and 8825
  • Allocate & update Schedule K-1s automatically – even as business income changes. Once complete, Schedule K-1 data can be imported into clients' TaxACT 1040 return.
  • Accounting Records Import – easily import Trial Balance Reports in CSV format from your accounting software. Once imported, simply make any necessary adjustments and TaxACT will transfer to the appropriate lines on the clients' tax return.
  • Data import – import key data from 2012 TaxACT returns and investment data
  • Fast data entry features – enter data directly into forms or use the quick entry method
  • Low-cost integrated e-filing solutions (see page 4 for details)
  • Client Manager – keep client information organized & up-to-date
  • Bookmarks – use to easily return to interview questions later
  • Powerful customizable reports & calculators:
    • Prior year comparison report
    • Depreciation reports (supports fiscal & short year calculations)
    • Loan & savings calculators
    • Shareholder Distributive Share Report
  • Security logging – track access and changes made to client returns
  • Instruction letters and templates for invoices, billing by form & mailing labels
  • Data transfer – your firm’s data automatically flows into client returns
  • TaxACT Alerts – identifies possible errors, omissions and tax-saving opportunities