Preparer's 1040 State  $24.99 per state

Prepare & print an unlimited number of state returns. TaxACT transfers clients’ federal 1040 data into state forms so that you can finish state returns in minutes. Just answer a few questions & run TaxACT Alerts.

  • Available for all income-taxing states
  • Bookmarks – use to easily return to interview questions later
  • Up-to-date forms, schedules & worksheets
  • All part-year resident & non-resident states
  • Instruction letter templates – provide your clients with instructions and other information they need for their returns
  • Charge-by-form invoicing – if you charge on a per form basis, simply fill in your form prices and the information will transfer to invoices for all new and imported returns
  • Low-cost integrated e-filing solutions (see page 4 for details)