Electronic Filing with TaxACT

E-filing is available for all federal returns, income-taxing states that support e-filing and select 1065, 1120S & 1120 states1. For a list of e-filing states, visit prep.taxact.com/state-list.

Benefits of E-filing

  • Fast confirmation. Receive email notification when your clients’ returns have been processed by the IRS and states.
  • Speedy processing & refunds. Client returns are processed faster and they receive their refunds sooner. If clients have a balance due, you can still e-file now and schedule electronic payment any time before the April 15th deadline.
  • The IRS and many states require it. The IRS mandates that paid preparers who file more than 10 federal individual or trust returns per calendar year must e-file.
  • Affordable. TaxACT offers competitive per client and unlimited e-filing plans, as well as money-saving software plus e-filing bundles. Per return and bundle pricing and details can be found at prep.taxact.com/catalog.
  1. An Electronic Filing Identification Number (EFIN) is required to e-file with TaxACT software. Learn how to apply for an EFIN at prep.taxact.com/catalog.

E-file Pricing

Number of client returns (SSN or EIN) Price (includes both Federal + State)
First 200 clients $9.99 per return type (1040, 1065, 1120S, 1120)
201+ clients2 Free

2. Free e-filing begins AFTER the entire fee for 200 client returns has been paid. Only one $9.99 fee is charged for both Federal and State(s) e-filed per SSN or EIN.
Prices Subject to change

Pre-paid E-filing

Paying per client return? Take advantage of TaxACT’s pre-paid e-filing. Purchase e-filing in advance in increments of $10 or $25, and add to your balance at any time. To purchase, call 1-800-573-4287.