Professional Preparer's 2012 Product Catalog

TaxACT Preparer's Federal Edition

$119.95Preparer's 1040 Edition

For professionals who need robust tools to prepare and print an unlimited number of federal 1040 returns, as well as time-saving, organization and accuracy tools.

  • Prepare & print an unlimited number of 1040 federal returns
  • Up-to-date forms, schedules and worksheets, including Forms 1040, 1040A and 2848, and Schedule C
  • Data imports to save you time and decrease errors - import last year's TaxACT returns, PDFs of last year's returns prepared by some software (see web site for supported software) and investment data
  • Fast data entry features - enter data directly into forms or use quick entry methods for W-2, 1099 & 4562 data
  • Low-cost integrated e-filing solutions (see page 4 for details)
  • Client Manager - keep client information organized & up-to-date
  • Bookmarks - use to easily return to interview questions later
  • Powerful reports & calculators:
    • Prior year comparison report
    • Separate vs. joint comparison
    • Depreciation reports
    • All-state tax estimation planning tool
    • College student financial aid report
    • "What if" estimates for various tax scenarios
    • Loan & savings calculators
    • Custom reports
  • Security logging - track access and changes made to client returns
  • Instruction letters and templates for invoices, billing by form and mailing labels
  • Data transfer - your firm's data automatically flows into client returns
  • TaxACT Alerts - identifies possible errors, omissions and tax-saving opportunities
  • Competitively priced ERCs & ERDs - see for bank partner information