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Welcome eBay Sellers

eBay and TaxAct®, a leading DIY tax preparation solution, are partnering to untangle the impact of the new 1099-K threshold. Here, you’ll find useful content to help you understand your unique tax situation as an eBay seller.

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eBay Seller Articles

IRS Delays $600 Form 1099-K Reporting Threshold for Third-Party Payment Platforms

Find more information here.

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Demystifying the New IRS Reporting Regulations for eBay Sellers

You’ve probably heard about new IRS reporting regulations that went into effect this year...

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4 Common Misconceptions About the New 1099-K Reporting Threshold

If the new 1099-K reporting thresholds have you confused as an eBay seller, you’re not alone...

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Unique eBay Seller Scenarios and How to Determine Fair Market Value

Here are some of the most common concerns we see from online sellers and tips on how to handle unique situations...

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Seller Resources

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Common eBay Seller FAQs Explained

What if you only use eBay to sell personal assets? Correctly reporting your taxable income in this instance depends on multiple factors, such as your original cost basis and how long you held the item before selling. Check out our quick reference guide.

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Setting the Record Straight on the New 1099-K Threshold

The IRS recently made changes to the Form 1099-K filing thresholds. This has caused confusion among sellers, and we’d like to help clarify the impact of the new reporting threshold on casual sellers.

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Tax Preparation Checklist for Online Sellers

To help keep sellers like you informed, we’ve partnered with eBay to make it easier for you to file your income tax return. Here are 5 things to check off your list that’ll help keep you tax compliant.

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General Tax Info

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Why Did I Receive a 1099K?

Due to changes in what companies are required to report to the…

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7 Things That Impact Your Tax Refund

It’s time to review some important tax basics before the upcoming tax…

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Inflation Changes in 2023

Wondering what’s changed in the tax world from last year? We put…

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