DocVault is TaxAct's free companion app for securely organizing and saving your tax documents and information. Simply snap a photo, edit if needed and save. DocVault will keep an encrypted digital copy that you can easily access when needed.

  • Tax documents

    Keep all of your old and current tax returns, W-2s and other forms/documents in on convenient location.

  • Bills and receipts

    Fast and easy access to receipts, invoices, statements that support your tax return (may include info for education, medical, mileage, donation and green energy deductions and credits).

  • Charitable donations

    Whether it's a cash contribution or maybe you donated some clothes. DocVault can help store that information so you can get the deductions you deserve on your tax return.

At tax time, import your images into TaxAct or Preparer's Enterprise Editions. All of your imported images will be saved alongside with your TaxAct return.

TaxAct DocVault in hand

iPhone and iPod touch® Requirements:
  • Requires iOS 4.3 or later
  • Requires continuous network connectivity (Wi-Fi, 3G, Edge)
Android Requirements:
  • Compatible with Android platform 2.3.5 and greater
  • Supports Portrait and Landscape modes
  • Design supports external and built-in keyboards
  • Requires continuous network connectivity