Our new products are organized to give you a more personalized experience. You'll still get the forms and schedules you need to file with confidence. No matter how simple or complex your return, we remain the best value.

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H&R Block
Simple Federal Return (1040 EZ/A) $19.95 $39.99 $19.95
Simple State Return $36.95 $39.99 $39.95
Itemized Deductions and Investments $64.00 $99.99 $44.95
Self-employed or Business Owner $76.00 $109.99 $79.95
Complex State Returns Included Included Included
All Federal Forms + State $76.00
TaxAct Freelancer + State
TurboTax Home & Business + State
H&R Block Premium & Business & State

TaxAct Online also available

Pricing as of 12/11/2017