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TaxACT's Super Commercial: The Back Story

TaxACT was the first free federal tax preparation and e-filing product introduced to all U.S. taxpayers in 2005. Competitors were quick to follow but with form limitations, which is why their creative marketing message includes "for simple returns".

TaxACT Free Federal Edition is the only free to include all e-fileable forms required for simple and complex tax situations, making TaxACT "Totally Free for Everyone - Including You!"

In order to cut through the noise, dispel the myth all frees are created equal, and reach as many taxpayers as possible, TaxACT spoke directly to the biggest audience of the year.

The commercial tells a light-hearted story of one boy's truly freeing experience in a human way everyone can identify with. The story reminds viewers how good it feels to be totally free, the same feelings unique to TaxACT's free product. TaxACT's Free Feels Good, and It's Free for Everyone - Including You!

According to TaxACT, you can train a dog to lift its leg on command in about 2 days.

The dog in TaxACT's commercial had a stunt double.

The Humane Society signed off on TaxACT's animal talent, but the scenes ended up on the cutting room floor.

TaxACT's spot used an actual home, so neighbors had to be paid to be quiet during the shoot.

Video Village was set up on the roof of the house. TaxACT is pretty sure no one fell off...

TaxACT's lead actor and director didn't find the pool so refreshing. The pool's heater broke during the shoot.

The cherub fountain and pond are part of a hot tub next to the pool.

This is the first Super Commercial for TaxACT, ad agency (J.W. Morton, IA), director & production company (Mechanicks, CA), and post-production company (Independent Studios, WI).

The real name of "Tommy", the little boy in the commercial, is Cole. He's 8 years old and on the swim team. He stood on a platform in the pool so he didn't have to tread water for hours during the 2 days of filming. Cole worked with a tutor and did homework when he wasn't acting.

The original script included an adult "Tommy".

10-year-old Shayna played the part of Tommy's sister. Although she's barefoot in the commercial, she brought 40 - yes 40 - pairs of shoes, to the shoot. Shayna worked with a tutor and did homework when she wasn't acting.

Approximately 50 people worked on the set.

The tea kettle shot is more than meets the eye. It's 4 cuts composited together in post-production.

One musician played all the instruments in the soundtrack.

The commercial was shot in Hancock Park, near Los Angeles, CA.

The family who lives in the house used in the commercial stayed at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel during the shoot.

Other broadcast networks withheld approval of the commercial, so it's only airing on NBC and NBC Sports Network.

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