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Anyone can promise your biggest refund. But only TaxAct stands behind that promise and backs it up with $100,000. Every calculation on your return is covered by our $100k Accuracy Guarantee.

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$100k Accuracy Guarantee

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TaxAct® H&R Block® TurboTax®
Simple Federal + State Returns (New 1040) $0 $0.00 $0.00
  • 7 years of Access to Your Return
Upgrade Required Upgrade Required
  • Free technical email, chat or phone support
Upgrade Required Upgrade Required
Homeowner $47.95 $29.99 $39.99
Investments $57.95 $49.99 $59.99
Self-Employed & Business Forms $77.95 $79.99 $89.99
Complex State Returns $39.95 each $36.99 each $39.99 each
$100k Accuracy Guarantee Not Available Not Available

Pricing as of 12/4/2018
Actual savings will vary based on each person's tax situation. Comparison does not include free products. Additional fees apply for state returns.

So, how does this even work?

Watch the demo and see for yourself

Organize your tax documents and answer simple questions.

TaxAct encrypts your return and sends to the IRS for processing.

The IRS processes your return and issues your tax refund!


Everything you need and nothing you don't.

Unlimited phone support

Unlimited phone support

Get unlimited email and phone support for all the tax and technical questions you have—for free.

Transparent pricing

Transparent pricing

Unlike the other guys, you can see all of our pricing upfront with no bait-and-switch tactics or hidden fees.

Price lock guarantee

Price lock guarantee

You'll pay the price listed at the time you create your return, no matter when you file. Only at TaxAct.

The System to Beat the System


Unfair advantages are an outrage. Until you're the one who has them. Then they're like the best thing ever. Clever tax breaks. Shrewd deductions. Opportunistic navigation of the United States tax code. The only time those things aren't awesome is when they're unavailable to regular people. At TaxAct, we don't "make things fair." What fun is there in that? We make unfair accessible to all. What could be more American?